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 Funding Year Faculty/College/Unit Project Type Principal Investigator Title Project Year Funded Amount Status Report Year 2: Funding Year Year 2: Project Type Year 2: Principal Investigator Year 2: Project Year Year 2: Funded Amount Year 3: Funding Year Year 3: Project Type Year 3: Principal Investigator Year 3: Project Year Year 3: Funded Amount
2017/2018Allard School of LawSmall TLEFGeorge TsiakosPromoting Academic Honesty and Avoiding Plagiarism in Legal WritingYear 131634Active
2016/2017Applied ScienceLarge TLEFSidney FelsFrom passively watching to actively learning: ViDeX, a robust video player that supports learning from personalized videoYear 1123978Active2017/2018Large TLEFSidney FelsYear 2110010
2017/2018Applied ScienceLarge TLEFLeanne CurrieImplementing an eHealth curriculum in health and human services programs at UBCYear 1149890Active
2017/2018Applied ScienceLarge TLEFGordon ChristieThunder in Our Voices: Inquiry Based LearningYear 131000Active
2017/2018Applied ScienceSmall TLEFMarkus FenglerAugmented Guidance Practical Learning for Engineering StudentsYear 116210Active
2015/2016Applied ScienceSmall TLEFPeter EnglezosDevelopment of an automated grading and data manipulation program for the Teaching Laboratory Data Management (TLDM) SystemYear 131274Active2017/2018Small TLEFPeter EnglezosYear 218726
2017/2018Applied ScienceSmall TLEFJonathan VerrettOpen ChemE: Increasing authentic student learning through open educational resourcesYear 127977Active
2017/2018Applied ScienceLarge TLEFLaurie McNeillOur Cheating Hearts? Changing the Conversation through Academic Integrity Curriculum in First-Year Arts ProgramsYear 163002Active
2017/2018Applied ScienceLarge TLEFBlair SatterfieldIntegrated Design Learning through Making and Building @ SALA: Bringing design-making and building infrastructure (tools and expertise) directly to students in the classroom studio and in the fieldYear 146150Active
2015/2016ArtsLarge TLEFJanet GiltrowEducational and Career Outcomes for UBC Arts Students: Towards a New ParadigmYear 160611Active2016/2017Large TLEFSunaina AssanandYear 2615182017/2018Large TLEFSunaina AssanandYear 380000
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFChristopher LeeAsian Canadian Multimedia Production: Developing Curriculum Materials for Ethical Practices of Community EngagementYear 124450Active2017/2018Small TLEFChristopher LeeYear 222409
2017/2018ArtsSmall TLEFSally HermansenConcentrated Blended Learning: the redesign of traditional weekly lectures and labs into blended on-line learning modules for GEOB270 Geographic Information Science (GIScience)Year 112131Active
2017/2018ArtsSmall TLEFTara MayerCurating Curiosities: Object-Based Learning in Museum and Classroom SettingsYear 14584Active
2017/2018ArtsSmall TLEFNisha MalhotraData Analysis and Statistics with STATA - Online Resources for Undergraduate ProgramsYear 125026Active
2017/2018ArtsSmall TLEFSara ShneidermanDesigning a Himalayan Studies minor: integrating community engagement language learning and Area Studies knowledgeYear 117703Active
2017/2018ArtsSmall TLEFRichard Arias HernandezEvidenced-Based Evaluation Framework for Community-Based Experiential Learning Projects for the Bachelor of Media StudiesYear 14800Active
2017/2018ArtsSmall TLEFHeather LatimerFrom Classroom to Courtroom: Community Based Experiential Learning in the Coordinated Arts Program's Law & Society StreamYear 140016Active
2017/2018ArtsSmall TLEFFlorian GassnerIT Resources for Language Teaching at UBCYear 13500Active
2017/2018ArtsSmall TLEFRoss KingNew Web-based Platforms for Collaborative and Contextual Learning in UBC’s Korean Language ProgrammeYear 122400Active
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFSilvia BartolicQuantitative Arts: Scientists by Nurture – Evaluating ImpactYear 126492Active2017/2018Small TLEFSilvia BartolicYear 218523
2017/2018ArtsSmall TLEFTamara BaldwinTaming wicked problems using strategic design: Preparing students to be effective innovatorsYear 131782Active
2017/2018ArtsSmall TLEFShannon WalshTeaching integrated storytelling in a digital world: From stage to screen to pixelYear 124844Active
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFTara MayerVisual Literacy in the Blended Classroom: A New Tool for Collaborative LearningYear 15211Active2017/2018Small TLEFTara MayerYear 23781
2015/2016ArtsSmall TLEFPatricia JohnstonWising Up: Learning to Share Knowledge between Canada’s Northern Communities and Southern ClassroomsYear 125000Active2017/2018Small TLEFPatricia JohnstonYear 225000
2017/2018DentistrySmall TLEFVincent LeeStrengthening Student's Self-Reflective Skills and Enhancing Assessment Consistency in Restorative Dentistry via a New Digital Dental TechnologyYear 127220Active
2017/2018EducationSmall TLEFRobert VanwynsbergheDeveloping assessment tools for evaluating key competencies in sustainability across programs at UBCYear 122336Active
2017/2018EducationSmall TLEFAlison TaylorThe Learning Exchange as a hub of experiential learningYear 133105Active
2017/2018EducationLarge TLEFDarren WarburtonIndigenous Studies in KinesiologyYear 1100200Active
2017/2018ForestrySmall TLEFPatrick CulbertAugmented Forests: Supplementing Forestry Field Instruction with Virtual Field Instruction and Dynamic Adaptive Quizzing to Build Skills and KnowledgeYear 135554Active
2017/2018Graduate StudiesSmall TLEFTheresa RogersFostering Excellence in graduate supervision at UBC through dialogue shared resources and policy initiativesYear 115090Active
2016/2017Land & Food SystemsSmall TLEFHannah WittmanExpanding the Living Laboratory: Enhancing experiential learning in sustainability using UBC food system assetsYear 140357Active2017/2018Small TLEFHannah WittmanYear 29318
2017/2018Land & Food SystemsSmall TLEFGail HammondIntegrating Self-directed Learning into a Large Second Year Nutrition CourseYear 113978Active
2017/2018Land & Food SystemsSmall TLEFMaja KrzicSoilWeb200: Open Resource for Authentic Student LearningYear 127572Active
2016/2017Land & Food SystemsSmall TLEFChristine ScamanThe new era of FNH teaching lab - Transforming lengthy lab procedure write-ups into informative online instructive video clipsYear 122000Active2017/2018Small TLEFChristine ScamanYear 220320
2017/2018Land & Food SystemsSmall TLEFChristine ScamanThemes to learn by - An integrated first year course for Forestry and Land and Food Systems studentsYear 149918Active
2017/2018MedicineLarge TLEFClaudia KrebsUBC Anatomy: an open access online repository of modular anatomy content for integration across curriculaYear 1132695Active
2015/2016MedicineLarge TLEFSaraswathi VedamBirth Place Toolkit for the Health Professions: Dialogue and Shared DecisionsYear 174284Active2016/2017Large TLEFSaraswathi VedamYear 2692802017/2018Large TLEFSaraswathi VedamYear 370252
2017/2018MedicineSmall TLEFSunil KaliaCreation of Online Interactive Simulated Teaching Modules Using Enhanced Three Dimensional PhotographyYear 120000Active
2017/2018MedicineSmall TLEFTal JarusEnabling Learning and Supporting Diverse Student Groups: Developing and Evaluating A Learning Series on Access in Health and Human Service Programs for Students with DisabilitiesYear 144499Active
2017/2018MedicineSmall TLEFTami HoweHow to communicate with people with aphasia: Establishing an innovative speech-language pathology clinical placement to provide experiential interprofessional learning for health profession students in Northern B.C. - A pilot projectYear 149800Active
2016/2017MedicineSmall TLEFAmanda BradleyImproving professional writing reflection critical analysis and feedback skills using tools that allow students to learn from their peers’ work and allows for prompt peer feedback.Year 19836Active2017/2018Small TLEFAmanda BradleyYear 212800
2016/2017MedicineSmall TLEFAlison GreigImproving the Assessment of Evidence Informed Health Care Competence: A Five Step ApproachYear 121540Active2017/2018Small TLEFAlison GreigYear 217500
2017/2018MedicineSmall TLEFAngela TowleStudent-initiated experiential learning with patients: expanding opportunitiesYear 127896Active
2016/2017Pharmaceutical SciencesLarge TLEFGeorge Stefanov PachevDeveloping the formative assessment program of the new entry-to-practice PharmD curriculumYear 177652Active2017/2018Large TLEFGeorge Stefanov PachevYear 275652
2017/2018Pharmaceutical SciencesSmall TLEFLarry LeungCutting Edge Real Patient-Based Videos to Enhance Teaching and Learning for Entry-to-Practice PharmD StudentsYear 115120Active
2017/2018Pharmaceutical SciencesSmall TLEFPatricia GerberDesign and Implementation of “LEAP” a Leadership Experience Applied to Pharmacy Course Series for Entry-to-Practice (E2P) Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) StudentsYear 110787Active
2017/2018Pharmaceutical SciencesSmall TLEFFong ChanPHArmacy Students as Educators (PHASE) Program- Implementing an Educators’ Curriculum for Pharmacy StudentsYear 146456Active
2017/2018Pharmaceutical SciencesSmall TLEFKaren DahriVirtual Patients – Bridging the Gap Between the Classroom and Clinical Pharmacy PracticeYear 110636Active
2016/2017ScienceLarge TLEFPamela KalasBlended learning to enhance an undergraduate Biology laboratory courseYear 197922Active2017/2018Large TLEFPamela KalasYear 294577
2017/2018ScienceLarge TLEFWalter AlgarData-Enabled Pedagogies and Technology for Teaching and Learning Critical-Thinking and Decision Making SkillsYear 1104032Active
2016/2017ScienceLarge TLEFSara HarrisDevelopment of cost effective strategies for teaching, learning and assessing scientific reasoning abilities in large face-to-face and distance education general science coursesYear 1111786Active2017/2018Large TLEFSara HarrisYear 265202
2017/2018ScienceLarge TLEFSteven HallamExperiential Data science for Undergraduate Cross-Disciplinary Education (EDUCE)Year 181833Active
2017/2018ScienceSmall TLEFMichael GelbartA GitHub-based learning technology for promoting student engagement and version control proficiencyYear 120000Active
2016/2017ScienceSmall TLEFGeorg RiegerAnimated worked examples to support self-directed learning in Physics 100Year 114232Active2017/2018Small TLEFGeorg RiegerYear 214184
2017/2018ScienceSmall TLEFJoss IvesEvidence-based best practices for two-stage collaborative examsYear 117672Active
2017/2018ScienceSmall TLEFLior SilbermanIncorporating on-line homework into the higher algebra curriculumYear 139962Active
2017/2018ScienceSmall TLEFTara IvanochkoIncreasing Authentic Pedagogy in ENVR 200 using Community Focused VideosYear 138170Active
2017/2018ScienceSmall TLEFCostanza PiccoloPre-calculus study sessions for Math 180Year 110139Active
2016/2017ScienceSmall TLEFGangamma ChowriraStop-motion Animations as Learning Objects for Flexible Learning in Biology and Psychology Courses: Completion and EvaluationYear 121834Active2017/2018Small TLEFGangamma ChowriraYear 216600
2015/2016ScienceSmall TLEFDoug BonnStructured Quantitative Inquiry Labs: Developing Critical Thinking in First Year Physics LabsYear 125700Active2016/2017Small TLEFDoug BonnYear 2165002017/2018Small TLEFDoug BonnYear 37750
2017/2018UBC LibrarySmall TLEFWendy TraasAugmented Reality for Library LiteracyYear 118006Active
2017/2018UBC LibrarySmall TLEFRebecca ShawCreation of Writing Support Resources: On-Call Workshops and Self-Directed LearningYear 130000Active
2017/2018UBC LibrarySmall TLEFJulie MitchellYour Professional Digital Identity: Case Studies from the Digital Tattoo ProjectYear 111478Active
2017/2018VP StudentsLarge TLEFPatty HamblerIncreasing student capacity for academic success, deeper learning and well-beingYear 179964Active
 Funding Year Faculty/College/Unit Project Type Principal Investigator Title Project Year Funded Amount Status Report Year 2: Funding Year Year 2: Project Type Year 2: Principal Investigator Year 2: Project Year Year 2: Funded Amount Year 3: Funding Year Year 3: Project Type Year 3: Principal Investigator Year 3: Project Year Year 3: Funded Amount