Project Evaluation

Why evaluate?

Evaluation is used to learn about how your project is unfolding and its effectiveness, improve project design and implementation, make informed decisions, and ultimately reach your intended goals. Project evaluation is also a central component of the reporting process that grant holders are required to engage in throughout the life of their TLEF projects.

How to evaluate?

Evaluation involves periodically gathering data and analysing or organizing it in a way that can be used to determine if planned activities are being carried out and stated objectives are being met. CTLT’s evaluation team can help you develop or refine a project evaluation plan, identify relevant indicators and methods, and collect and analyse data to help you determine your project’s outcomes and impacts.

Some documents and resources you might find helpful include:

Seeking support to evaluate your TLEF project? We can help! Our team of experts is available to help you design and implement an evaluation plan to help determine whether your TLEF project’s intended impacts were achieved. Please contact Trish Varao‑Sousa for evaluation consultation and support.