Special Call

Interdisciplinary Team-Teaching Grant (ITTG)

As part of the 2020 Small TLEF funding round, UBCV invites applications for Interdisciplinary Team-Teaching Grants.  In alignment with UBC’s Strategic Plan (Strategy 14: Interdisciplinary Education), we encourage faculty members and/or departments who are interested in development of enhanced interdisciplinary content delivery for existing courses to apply for funding and central support resources through this special call.

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Undergraduate Program Evaluation and Renewal (UPER)

As part of the 2019 Large TLEF funding round, UBCV offered a Special Call for Undergraduate Program Evaluation and Renewal projects that align with UBC’s Strategic Plan (Strategy 12: Program Redesign).   UPER funding supports departments in reframing undergraduate academic program design in terms of learning outcomes and competencies.  UPER is not accepting new project proposals during the 2020 funding round.

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