In the 2023/24 TLEF funding round, we are calling for proposals for two kinds of projects.

Large TLEF Transformation Projects

TLEF Transformation projects are large, multi-year projects that are intended to advance UBC’s strategic goals relating to transformative learning. These projects aspire to impact multiple courses or programs, have the potential to involve collaboration across departments or Faculties, and align with one or more strategies or priorities in UBC’s Strategic Plan.

The 2023-24 Large TLEF Transformation Projects Funding round will be a special call to UBC Vancouver academic units interested in experimenting with hybrid and multi-Access course redesign projects. Please refer to the following link for more details: Large TLEF Transformation Projects Special Call: Hybrid and Multi-Access Course Redesign 

  • July 14, 2022 - Deadline for Letters of Intent for Large TLEF Transformation projects - Completed
  • October 3, 2022 - The application System will open for applicants who plan to submit new or returning Large TLEF Transformation project proposals.
  • 3pm on October 13, 2022 - Application deadline new and returning Large TLEF Transformation projects.  Only applicants who have been invited to submit proposals and returning applicants who have already been funded by the TLEF are eligible to submit an application.

Small TLEF Innovation Projects

Small TLEF Innovation projects are grassroots projects that are intended to support experimentation with pedagogical approaches that have strong potential to enhance learning. These projects should also align with UBC’s strategic priorities relating to transformative learning, but they are typically smaller in scope and scale, and may involve more experimentation and exploration of new and emerging approaches to support learning.

Small TLEF Innovation projects can request up to $50,000 over the life of the project, and can run from one to three years.

  • September 20, 2022 - Call for Small TLEF Proposals
  • October 31, 2022 - The application System will open for applicants planning to submit new or returning Small TLEF proposals.
  • 3pm on November 17, 2022 - Application deadline for new and returning Small TLEF Innovation proposals

All proposals must be submitted using the TLEF online application system. The application system will open for Large TLEF Proposals (new and returning) on October 3, 2022 and for Small TLEF Proposals (new and returning) on October 31, 2022.

  • Applicants are asked not to forward applications directly to Faculty deans' offices or to the Office of the Provost and VP Academic: all proposals must be submitted online.
  • Late proposals will not be accepted.
  • Emailed proposals will not be accepted.

Faculty-specific Information

Please check with your respective Faculty to see if there are any internal Faculty processes or deadlines that you must meet before submitting an application.

All applications are reviewed first by internal Faculty TLEF committees and then by the TLEF Adjudication Committee (comprising broad UBC faculty and student representation from the AMS and GSS). The internal Faculty TLEF committees provide their approval for Large TLEF Transformation project proposals and advise on Small TLEF Innovation project proposals.

After the Faculty review, the TLEF Adjudication Committee reviews all applications and makes funding recommendations to the Provost. Large TLEF Transformation proposals that do not receive internal Faculty approval will not generally be recommended for funding by the TLEF Adjudication Committee. Applicants to the TLEF receive notification on the results of the adjudication process in December (Large TLEF Transformation projects) and in February (Small TLEF Innovation projects).

Budget considerations

TLEF project budgets must be reasonable and in line with the objectives of the project. TLEF project budgets must include a clear justification for all costs associated with the project.

  • UBC faculty and staff TLEF applicants and co-applicants cannot be hired for a position that receives salary from the TLEF project budget. UBC students who are co-applicants on a TLEF proposal may be hired for a position that receives salary from the TLEF budget.
  • TLEF funds cannot be used to purchase external consulting or other types of services where expertise and support is available within UBC at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner.
  • The TLEF is not an equipment fund. Applicants will not generally receive funding to buy equipment. If there is a request for equipment it must be justified in relation to the project goals, not exceed 30% of the overall project budget, and also include significant in-kind funding from the Faculty.
  • TLEF funds cannot be used to cover conference or travel expenses for faculty or staff.
  • Any catering requests should be proportionate and reasonable and clearly show how such support will maximize the benefit of the overall project goals. The TLEF Adjudication Committee will cut or reduce catering costs if they deem them excessive.

You can consult with CTLT to develop the budget for your project either at TLEF drop-in sessions or by contacting Jeff Miller, Senior Associate Director, CTLT ( to arrange a time to meet.

In developing a proposal for the TLEF, an accurate budget projection is important. For your assistance, please see below a table of cost estimates for various services that can be included in TLEF proposals. These estimates represent maximum amounts for various services that will be supported through TLEF funding, but you should budget on the basis of the actual cost of the people you are planning to employ in the project.

Subject to available capacity, in-kind support from The CTLT is available for TLEF projects for Curriculum Development, Learning Design, Evaluation, Learning Technology Support, Professional Development and Facilitation support. Applicants must consult with CTLT before including in-kind support from The CTLT in their proposal or budget.  The CTLT cannot guarantee this support to teams who do not consult about the scope and timing of their project support needs.

Item Estimated Rate or Cost
Faculty Course Release  $10,000 per course. The cost of faculty course releases is split 50/50 between the Office of the Provost and VP Academic and the Faculty, so you will need to ensure that you have your Faculty’s support and commitment for matching funds before you request course release in your proposal.  Faculty course releases are only applicable to Large TLEF Transformation projects.
Teaching & Learning Fellow
  • $62,700/yr (includes benefits)

Project Management
  • $69.00/hr (UBC staff)
Professional Development & Facilitation
  • $69.00/hr (UBC staff)
Learning Design / Instructional Design
  • $69.00/hr (UBC staff)
  • In-kind support for Learning Design is available from CTLT for TLEF projects. Please contact Chris Crowley ( to discuss your support needs.
Curriculum Development
  • $69.00/hr (UBC staff)
  • In-kind support for Curriculum Development is available from CTLT for TLEF projects. Please contact Andrea Han ( to discuss your support needs.
  • $69.00/hr (UBC staff)
  • In-kind support for Evaluation is available from CTLT for TLEF projects. Please contact Trish Varao-Sousa ( if you are interested in this support.
Computer Programming and Application Development 
  • $40.00-$60.00/hr (UBC staff)
  • $25.00-$30.00/hr (UBC graduate student)
  • $17.00-$20.00/hr (UBC undergraduate student)

If you are applying to the TLEF to develop or adopt a learning technology tool, you need to consult with Learning Technology Hub staff to ensure that your development plans align with the UBC learning ecosystem guidelines for Learning Technology adoption or development. Please contact Stephen Michaud ( if your project relates to the development of a Learning Technology tool.

Graphic Design;
Web Design & Development
  • $40.00-$56.00/hr (UBC staff)
  • $25.00-$30.00/hr (UBC graduate student)
  • $17.00-$20.00/hr (UBC undergraduate student)
Keynote Speaker / Presenter Range
  • $50.00-$125.00/hr
  • Travel extra
Web Maintenance & Hosting For TLEF projects of low complexity, hosting is available free of charge through either UBC Blogs or For extensive programming or integration with UBC systems, additional budget should be factored in. Costs will vary depending on the site design and complexity, and individual needs. Please consult with Faculty and University service units to ensure that you have received feedback on your plan, and for assistance with your budget estimates.
Media Production Kit UBC will centrally loan media kits to TLEF projects to support basic, self-produced media content (e.g. video cameras, lighting/audio kits, and software licensing). In addition to kits, projects can make use of the one-button studio and light-board in the UBC Studio, as well as media consultation support without charge.
Media Production Media costs can vary dramatically according to the type of media being produced, the size of the project, and the production and post-production approaches used. UBC provides free consultation support through UBC Studios’ ( Creative Development and Media Production services to help you develop a plan and budget for media in your project. To arrange for a consultation regarding your project's media needs, please send an email to
Student Wages If you plan to employ students in TLEF projects, you should use the rates below in determining your project budget.

CUPE 2278 (effective September 1st, 2021). A portion ($8.00/hr) of the wages below may be subsidized under the UBC Work Learn Program. The CUPE 2278 rates below include vacation pay.

  • STA = $37.59/hr
  • GTA I  = $35.13/hr
  • GTA II = $33.80/hr
  • UTA I = $22.77/hr
  • UTA II = $20.33/hr
  • Marker = $16.18/hr

When budgeting for student wages, please add 10% to these rates to cover benefit costs (e.g., employer paid portion of CPP and EI) to avoid going over budget when actual costs are deducted from the funding amount.

Please check with your departmental finance/administrative manager to ensure that you are following departmental practice for hiring students.

Additional Hourly Wages
  • Project Worker: $17.23 - $18.43/hr
  • Project Assistant: $20.11 - $21.34/hr
  • Office/Library Worker: $18.02/hr
  • Researcher/Professional: $24.78 - $35.70/hr

Includes benefits.