Virtual Patients – Bridging the Gap Between the Classroom and Clinical Pharmacy Practice

Title Virtual Patients – Bridging the Gap Between the Classroom and Clinical Pharmacy Practice
Faculty/College/Unit Pharmaceutical Sciences
Status Active
Duration 2 Year
Initiation 04/01/2017
Project Summary

The Entry-to-Practice Doctor of Pharmacy (E2P PharmD) degree strives to graduate Medication Therapy Experts. Pharmacists are increasingly called upon to fill a void in the healthcare system and optimize patients’ medication therapy outcomes. The program includes case-based learning formats; however, a gap exists when students transition to their experiential rotations. Students can be overwhelmed with the quantity of information available in practice settings and possess limited clinical reasoning skills to help them identify what information is necessary in order for them to make decisions regarding medication therapy. The use of Virtual Patients (VPs) presented within the Virtual Interactive Case (VIC) system will facilitate students’ clinical reasoning skills and provide a bridge from classroom knowledge acquisition to real-life knowledge application. Students would have a safe environment to apply their knowledge with formative feedback being given resulting in increased confidence when assessing real patients during their experiential rotations.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project Year Year 1
Year 1: Funding Year 2017/2018
Year 1: Project Type Small TLEF
Year 1: Principal Investigator Karen Dahri
Year 1: Funded Amount 10,636
Year 1: Team Members

Fong Chan, B.Sc.(Pharm), ACPR, PharmD, Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kathy Seto, B.Sc.(Pharm), ACPR, PharmD, Senior Instructor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Janice Yeung, B.Sc.(Pharm), ACPR, PharmD, Director & Lecturer, Office of Experiential Education, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Min Ji Seo, B.Sc., 3rd Year B.Sc.(Pharm) student, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences