UBC Anatomy: an open access online repository of modular anatomy content for integration across curricula

Title UBC Anatomy: an open access online repository of modular anatomy content for integration across curricula
Faculty/College/Unit Medicine
Status Active
Duration 1 Year
Initiation 04/01/2017
Project Summary

Anatomy education is relevant to UBC students across faculties. In this project, faculty and students from across UBC will collaborate to create a comprehensive set of resources to support anatomy education in all programs. As curricula move towards a more integrated and competency based approach, these resources will allow for flexible, applied, and active learning approaches in the classroom, combining online and classroom teaching. The modular design of our shared resources will allow for their use across programs and will allow for adaptation into integrated curricula. Co-production of these resources with students and faculty across disciplines will make the approach to anatomy education at UBC interdisciplinary and interprofessional from the ground up.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project Year Year 1
Year 1: Funding Year 2017/2018
Year 1: Project Type Large TLEF
Year 1: Principal Investigator Claudia Krebs
Year 1: Funded Amount 132,695
Year 1: Project Status Active
Year 1: Team Members

Wayne Vogl, Professor, Cellular and Physiological Sciences
Alison Greig, Sr. Instructor, Physical Therapy
Tara Klassen, Instructor, Physical Therapy
Kim Campbell, Instructor, Midwifery
Tim Inglis, Professor, Kinesiology
Pawel Kindler, Sr. Instructor, Cellular and Physiological Sciences
Olusegun Oyedele, Sr. Instructor, Cellular and Physiological Sciences, Southern Medical Program
Kurt McBurney, Assistant Teaching Professor, Island Medical Program
Joseph Anthony, Clinical Associate Professor, Physical Therapy
Antony Hodgson, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Geoff Blair, Clinical Professor, Surgery
Jeff Small, Associate Professor, Audiology and Speech Sciences
Susan Forwell, Head and Associate Professor, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Nancy Black, Clinical Associate Professor, Oral Health Sciences, Dentistry
Leandra Best, Clinical Professor / Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Oral Health Sciences, Dentistry
Suzanne Campbell, Director / Associate Professor, Nursing, Applied Sciences