Taming wicked problems using strategic design: Preparing students to be effective innovators

Title Taming wicked problems using strategic design: Preparing students to be effective innovators
Faculty/College/Unit Arts
Status Active
Duration 3 Years
Initiation 04/01/2017
Project Summary

Wicked problems are societal issues that are heavily laden with politics and value judgments, and students should graduate knowing how to identify, navigate and participate in solving these complex issues. This project will foster students’ ability to address wicked problems by a) building their strategic design skill set and b) creating opportunities for students to engage with real wicked problems from international development contexts.

To realize these objectives, this project will create online toolkits, a senior-level seminar, and strengthen the network of students, faculty, and staff working with strategic design or wicked problems. This project also lays the foundation for developing a large-enrolment, junior-level course related to strategic design and wicked problems, generating a sustainable learning pathway for students.

The project is embedded within existing international partnerships stewarded by the Office of Regional and International Community Engagement (ORICE) and builds upon expertise gained through enacting Strategic Design Methodology in existing design courses.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project Year Year 1
Year 1: Funding Year 2017/2018
Year 1: Project Type Small TLEF
Year 1: Principal Investigator Tamara Baldwin
Year 1: Funded Amount 31,782
Year 1: Team Members

Rumee Ahmed, Associate Dean, Communications and Innovation, Faculty of Arts
Sunaina Assanand, Associate Dean, Student Success, Faculty of Arts
Moura Quayle, Professor, Sauder School of Business and Director, Liu Institute for Global Issues
Tom Scholte, Professor, Theatre and Film, Faculty of Arts and Chair, Arts Curriculum Committee