TLEF snapshot: Bringing design-making and building tools to architecture students

A TLEF project helps School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture students build and use 3-D printing, laser cutting and robotic milling.

TLEF snapshot: First-year Arts students learn with legal nonprofit

Heather Latimer discusses how her Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) project is integrating community-based experiential learning into a first-year Arts program.

TLEF snapshot: Helping to teach academic integrity

Laurie McNeill talks about how her Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) project is helping to teach students about ethical research and academic integrity.

TLEF snapshot: UBC Himalaya Program integrates language learning and community engaged learning

Sara Shneiderman talks about how her Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) project will help develop the UBC Himalaya Program.

Open Dialogues: How to use open tools and resources for problem sets

For a long time engineering instructors have had homework problems for students in UBC’s Learning Management System (LMS). That is, until recently, when they found that students preferred the WeBWorK problems they were getting in their math courses.

Open Dialogues: How to make education more accessible

Claudia Krebs, a Professor of Teaching in the Faculty of Medicine, shares how academics must view open education as a social responsibility.

Open Dialogues: How to engage the general public

Maja Krzic shares how open education can help raise the profile of soil science to students and the general public.

TLEF projects innovate to enrich student learning

Learn more about three TLEF funded proposals for the 2016-17 year.

Open Dialogues: How to make Teaching more student-centered

Professor Rosie Redfield talks about Open Science and the future of education.