2024 Universal Design for Learning Program Cohort


Faculty Project Team Department Course Context Implementation
Applied Science Carla Ferreira – Associate Professor of Teaching; Elisabeth Bailey – Associate Professor of Teaching; Melissa Li  Sheung Ying – Director of the Centre for Instructional Support School of Nursing NURS 401 2024 W1
Arts Jonathan Graves – Assistant Professor of Teaching; Christopher Jung – Educational Consultant – Arts ISIT; Henry Hu – Educational Technologist – Arts ISIT Vancouver School of Economics ECON 326 2024 W2
Arts Laura Ishiguro – Associate Professor; Christopher Jung – Educational Consultant – Arts ISIT; Henry Hu – Educational Technologist – Arts ISIT Department of History HIST 329 2024 W2
Education Laurie Ford – Associate Professor; Gabrielle Coombs – Learning Designer – Learning Design and Digital Innovation Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education Department ECED 407 2024
Forestry Nolan Bett – Lecturer Forest and Conservation Science CONS451  2024 W1
Land and Food Systems Kelleen Wiseman – Academic Director; Janelle Tan – Graduating Projects Manager Master of Food and Resource Economics FRE 302; FRE474; FRE 306; FRE420 2024 W1/ W2
Medicine Laura Bulk – Assistant Professor of Teaching; Elly Park – Assistant Professor of Teaching; Michael Lee – Professor of Teaching Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) Program OSOT 513 2024 W1/W2
Pharmacy Paulo Tchen – Lecturer; Lyon Tsang – Office of Educational Technology and Learning Design Entry to Practice PharmD program PHRM 300F; PHRM 471 2024S / 2025S
Sauder School of Business Kari Marken – Lecturer; Siobhan Cook – Director of Learning Technologies; Erica Hill – Learning Designer – Learning Technologies Law and Business Communications Group; Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group BA 562; COMM 389; BA 503 2025 S/ 2024 W1; 2024 W2
Science Charissa Fung – Lecturer; Erica Jeffery – Science Education Specialist Zoology BIOL204 2024 W2
Science Firas Moosvi – Lecturer; Stephan Koenig – Science Education Specialist Computer Science CPSC203 2024 W2
Science Louise Longridge – Lecturer; Sarah Bean Sherman – EOAS Science Education Specialist Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences EOSC 116 2024 W1
UBC Health Carrie Krekoski, Acting Assistant Director of Education; Michelle Hamilton, Education Program Manager; Jenny Li, Senior Program Assistant UBC Health Integrated Curriculum
Professionalism and Team-Based Care interprofessional workshop
2024 W1
Vantage College Jennifer Walsh Marr – Lecturer; Brian Wilson – Curriculum Manager Language; Engineering Design VANT 1400 2024 W1/W2
The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology Shaya Golparian – Educational Developer TA Training Programs INDS 501 2025 W2