2005 / 2006

Applied Science
ASSIST 2005 – Academic Success: Summer International Students Transition Program Bruce Dunwoody $95,472
Student-Led Capstone Laboratory Experience Kevin Smith $29,614
Team Based Learning: An Opportunity for Engaging Students in Large Class Settings Jim Sibley $28,315
Global Software Engineering Capstone Projects Philippe Kruchten $28,085
Implementation of Internet Based Videoconferencing in Distance Nursing Education Cathryn Jackson $21,331
A Coordinated Infrastructure for Image Repositories in the Faculty of Arts Ulrich Rauch $86,317
Undergraduate interdisciplinary seminar series on global citizenship Allen Sens & David Ng $39,106
Ancient Spaces: A Student-Driven Experiential Approach to Teaching and Learning in Classical, Near-Eastern and Religious Studies Dietmar Neufeld $31,107
Arts Teaching Evaluations linked to a Faculty Directory on the Arts Website John Cooper $26,663
Arts Careers: Enhancing Student Support John Cooper $16,887
Focus on Teaching: Support Program for New Faculty in Arts Nancy Gallini $14,665
Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth
Supporting Momentum: Nurturing Campus Initiatives for Teaching and Learning Gary Poole $494,963
Continuing Studies
Professional Development for International Teaching Assistants and Graduate Researchers Helena Hensley 53,326 Helena Hensley $53,326
Development of a Peer Review Model for Educators Karen Gardner $5,413
From Campus to Community: Supporting UBC Students Implementing Learning Technologies in Classrooms Rob Tierney $42,661
Infusing Multiple Literacies into Teaching and Learning across sction of LLED 301 Theresa Rogers $14,220
Creating a Forestry Digital Image Database for UBC Research Forests Bruce Larson $27,374
Crossing Math-related boundaries: Innovation Instruction Addressing Cultural Barriers Pamela Perreault $26,819
PICTURES (Portable Image Capture – Teaching, Understanding, and Rembering Enhancement for Students) Simon Ellis 22,219
Graduate Studies
Professional Development for Graduate Students Lynn Alden $63,961
Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference Opportunities Cristina Calboreanu, on behalf of the GSS $7,110
Health Disciplines
The Development of an Online Teaching Module for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Carey Matsuba $13,332
Land & Food Systems
Web-based learning resources to support the practice-based component of dietetics education Karol Travis $26,663
Soils Animated: A Tool to Leverage Teaching and Learning in Soil Science Maja Krzic $22,219
Online Term Paper Research Clinic (Phase 3 of the e-Help Virtual Reference Pilot Project) Simon Neame 34,170 Simon Neame $34,170
Creating a multi-disciplinary electrophysiology laboratory teaching facility Barry Mason $63,332
Virtual Learning Community Project Justin Bonzo $44,314
Essentials in health informatics for life sciences and computer science students Kendall Ho $43,372
In the Palm of Your Hand: A Portable, Electronic Laboratory Reference for Students in the Health Sciences William Schreiber $41,508
Moving Clinical Education to the Community: A comprehensive evaluation of an innovative program Joan Fraser $29,329
Integrated Learning Modules for Clinical Trainees in Developmental Pediatrics Tim Oberlander $22,219
The Utility of an Objective Structured Teaching Encounter (OSTE) Exam to Reinforce Effective Clinical Teaching Behaviours Leslie Ann Sadownik $2,140
Michael Smith Laboratories
Applied Workshops in Bioinformatics – Introducing Bioinformatics into Undergraduate Education at UBC Joanne Fox $17,775
Learning Technology
Facilitating Convergence: Supporting Community Engagement Through Learning Technologies Michelle Lamberson $199,973
Campus-Wide On-line Environment for E-Portfolios: Moving from Project to Program Michelle Lamberson $122,028
Pharmaceutical Sciences
An Embedded Systematic Program Evaluation Process for Pharaceutical Sciences David Fielding $62,214
Enhancing Teaching and Learning in the Pharmaceutical Sciences through the Development of the Integrated Laboratory Network (ILN) Simon Albon $42,455
Enhancing Student Laboratory Experiences for First Year Large Introductory Physics Courses Marina Milner-Bolotin $42,447
eTLC: On-line Resources for Teaching Large Classes Joanne Nakonechny $36,818
Introduction of investigator (student)-centred research projects to undergraduate plan physiology students Santokh Singh $17,331
EOSC 111: Laboratory Exploration of Planet Earth Michelle Haskin $13,332
Information Technology Fundamentals for Life and Health Sciences Students Raymond Ng $4,444
VP External & Legal Affairs
Building Faculty Members’ Commitment to Community Service-Learning Margo Fryer $34,987
VP Research
Creating and Enhancing Undergraduate Research Opportunities Across Campus Ingrid Price $48,062
VP Students
Where’s the one-stop shop at UBC? Partnering to ensure academic success for our first and second year undergraduates Brian Sullivan $116,380
Student Leadership and Involvement Program: Initiatives and Expansion Chad Hyson $72,879
Maximizing UBC Student Mobility Degree Progress via the Web Katherine Beaumont $44,439
International Week UBC Enzula Tavormina $39,550
Debate 101 Workshop Project: Integrating Debate into the Construction and Instruction of UBC Curriculum Adam Davies $26,663
FIT UBC: An active approach to learning Kavie Toor $22,219
Expansion of the UBC Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program David Kent $17,775
Total $2,500,000