TLEF and ALT-2040 Online Showcase Roster

May 7, 2024

The Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF, established at UBC Vancouver in 1991) and Aspire-2040 Learning Transformations Fund (ALT-2040, established as the ALT Fund in 2015 at UBC Okanagan) serve as innovation engines for improving the learning experience for UBC students and advancing innovative teaching practices at UBC and beyond. The TLEF and ALT-2040 Showcase will celebrate the creative work of project teams and showcase a diverse range projects from both UBCV and UBCO. Many of these innovative projects can be found at this year’s TLEF and ALT-2040 Virtual Showcase at


Breakout Room Project Fund Poster Title Project Lead(s)/Presenters
1 TLEF Changing Course: Hybrid Opportunities for Students in French, Hispanic, and Italian Language Programs Luisa Canuto; Brianne Orr-Álvarez; Magali Blanc; Jennifer Nagtegaal
2 TLEF Promoting 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in Pharmacy Education (PRIDE-RX): Progress Updates Tristan Lai; Alex Tang; Lillian Chen
3 TLEF Integrating Process Simulation into Environmental Engineering (ENVL) Curriculum – Promoting Sustainable and Reliable Design Zeina Baalbaki; Elizabeth Liu; Harshvardhan Shaw; Victor Pham
4 TLEF Reflecting on place-based learning and the role of land stewardship and Indigenous knowledge in Integrated Sciences sustainability courses Denise Gabriel; Mary Macquistan
5 TLEF MAKING CONNECTIONS: Co-creating an undergraduate biodiversity science course Jacqueline Chambers; Bridgette Clarkston; Mailyn Tran; Riley Plunkett; Fabio Peres Schneider
6 TLEF Strategies for the Effective Design and Implementation of Collaborative Peer Learning Activities Ricardo Serrano; Sami Haque; Mike Jerowsky; Neve Eilam; Jason Myers





Breakout Room Project Fund Poster Title Project Lead(s)/Presenters
1 TLEF Supporting Students’ Growth, Persistence and Identity as Writers in Scholarly Communities and Beyond Lindsay Cuff
2 TLEF Earth Science Experiential and Indigenous Learning Initiative Laura Lukes; Silvia Mazabel; Sarah Bean Sherman; Brett Gilley; Shandin Pete
3 TLEF Multimodalities in Sociology Course Design Catherine Corrigall-Brown; Silvia Bartolic; Oral Robinson; Katherine Lyon
4 TLEF Opening Up Tort Law Samuel Beswick; Gabriella Pasolli; Lilly Callender
5 TLEF Student-Curated Informal Learning and Engagement Spaces (SCI-LEnS): Developing a course in science communication for graduate students Kirsten Hodge; Oli Beeby
6 TLEF A Community-Driven Manifesto for Reporting on the DTES Michelle Stack; Saranaz Barfoursch



Breakout Room Project Fund Poster Title Project Lead(s)/Presenters
1 TLEF Hybrid Learning in the PharmD Program (HIPP) Kerry Wilbur; Maric Son; Jocelyn Micallef; Leonie Harper
2 TLEF Development and implementation of teledentistry to support clinical practice and structural competence among undergraduate dental and dental hygiene students Leeann Donnelly; Vanessa Johnson
3 TLEF HealtheSteps® – Providing UBC Students with Curriculum to Support Their Skills in Delivery of Virtual Lifestyle Counseling for Prevention of Chronic Disease Robert J. Petrella; Claire Styffe
4 TLEF Online Open Access Critical Thinking Tutorial James Bachmann; Cathy Lovering; Jenna Yuzwa
5 TLEF Development of a guided self-directed online German for Reading Knowledge Course on the Beginner Level Applicable in Various Hybrid Instructional Modes Adelheid O’Brien; Igor Maslennikov
6 TLEF Integrating Design with Community Forest Management Joseph Dahmen; Lorena Polovina


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