Creating experiential learning resources in Finance through TLEF emulation

UBC Sauder School of Business instructors share how the TLEF helped them build upon each other’s project to create experiential learning resources for their students.

An UPROOT approach to decolonizing pharmacy education

In this story, instructors, Indigenous students and partners from the UPROOT project share their journey to decolonizing the Pharmacy curriculum, and how using a Two-Eyed Seeing approach to relationship building helped them change the way Pharmacy is taught at UBC.

Redesigning the Bachelor of Media Studies experience

Dr. Richard Arias-Hernandez and Christine D’Onofrio share how their team transformed the upcoming Bachelor of Media Studies’ curriculum to create a more unified learning experience for students.

Learning a foreign language with a little help from the local community

In this story, learn how the Department of Asian Studies leveraged the local community to create a positive and interactive learning environment of Chinese language and culture that brings students, instructors and communities together.

Redefining the undergraduate learning experience in Creative Writing

In 2018, UBC’s School of Creative Writing received a three-year Large Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund grant to implement a hybrid learning format to its courses. Two instructors who took part in the project explain how this grant helped redefine the learning experience for students and positively impacted instructor cohesion in the department.

Building a community in business analytics

Sauder School of Business Professor Harish Krishnan aims to build a collaborative business analytics community, while developing sought-after skills, through his open, interactive platform.

How a pilot program for English students led to 20 years of co-op opportunities

2020 marks 20 years since the UBC Arts Co-op Program was started by Julie Walchli, Executive Director, Work Integrated Education and Career Initiatives, with Drs. Tony Dawson and Kieran Kealy as initial applicants for a pilot Co-op Program for English majors between 1997-99. She reflects on the many people involved behind the scenes to pioneer […]

The student becomes the educator through TLEF-funded projects

Many students pick up a part-time job expecting to make some income and add a line to their CV, but by becoming involved with on-campus projects they diversify their contributions to the UBC community — as students, developers, researchers and influencers in student learning. The Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) at UBC provides funding […]

Creating learning tools for students with students

How do you create a valuable learning tool for university students? One that not only makes excellent content available but is designed from the ground up to engage with its audience? Russ Algar, a faculty member from the Department of Chemistry, and Steven Barnes, a faculty member at the Department of Psychology, had to answer […]

UBC tool innovates peer feedback process

A UBC-created tool offers a new approach to peer feedback by tapping into students’ innate ability to compare.