Hybrid Learning in the PharmD Program (HIPP)

TitleHybrid Learning in the PharmD Program (HIPP)
Faculty/College/UnitPharmaceutical Sciences
Duration2 Year
Project Summary

*Special Call: Hybrid and Multi-Access Course Redesign Project*

A comprehensive evaluation of online modalities used during the pandemic yielded important guiding principles for the Entry-to-Practice PharmD Program revision, particularly greater adoption of hybrid curriculum delivery using innovative online and in-person activities. This project aims to develop and implement asynchronous learning activities as core components of hybrid delivery throughout the Program.

The asynchronous learning activities will (1) support learner flexibility and autonomy; (2) use Universal Design for Learning principles and accessibility standards; (3) align with curricular objectives.

In project Year 1 (HIPP-Y1), three prototypes of asynchronous learning activities will be developed, piloted and evaluated. In HIPP-Y2, the original prototypes will be modified based on evaluation results, and a minimum of six additional learning activities will be deployed, along with documentation and templates for development beyond the project period. HIPP will inform hybrid learning best practices as the program undertakes a curriculum renewal occurring in a separate but parallel process.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2023/2024
Year 1: Project TypeLarge TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorKerry Wilbur
Year 1: Funded Amount71,817
Year 1: Team Members

Principal Applicants:

Kerry Wilbur, Associate Professor / Executive Director, Entry-to-Practice (E2P) PharmD Program, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Leonie Harper, Special Projects Manager, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ginette Vallée, Sr. Manager, Academic Portfolio, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Jasmin Kaur Gill, PY4 E2P PharmD Student
Grace Song, VP Academic, Pharmacy Undergraduate Society / PY3 E2P PharmD Student

Faculty Leadership:

Marion Pearson, Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kathy Seto, Associate Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jon Grosshuesch, Lecturer, Integration Activities, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Robert Pammett, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Program Staff:

Leah Villalobos, Program Manager, E2P PharmD, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lia Hughes, Manager, Pharmacy Practice Centre, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Enabling Unit Faculty and Staff:

George Pachev, Lecturer / Director, Office of Educational Assessment (OEA), Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jon-Paul Marchand, Director, Office of Educational Technology and Learning Designs (OELTD), Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jocelyn Micallef, Educational Development Manager, OELTD, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Paulo Tchen, Lecturer / Coordinator, OEE, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences