2011 / 2012

Applied Science
Strengthening Engineering Education in Parallel and Concurrent Programming Sathish Gopalakrishnan $39,660.00
Architecture and Landscape Building Material Sample Collection: a Visual Resource Wendy Davidson-Varner $14,230.00
Redesigning Nursing Curriculum to Enhance Student Learning and Development in Leadership and Management Victoria Bungay $59,389.00
Assessing and Visualizing Engineering Curricula Thomas Froese $29,600.00
Enhancing the Design Experience in 2nd Year Electrical and Computer Engineering Projects Leo Stocco $91,361.50
Development of Concept Inventories and Vista-based Course Modules in Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer for the Master of Engineering in Clean Energy Engineering Program Eric Mazzi $14,600.00
Engaging students with the environmental dimensions of urban design via the web Cynthia Girling $65,359.82
UBC International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) team Eric Lagally $26,751.60
UBC Aero Design (Heavy Lift) Pete Ostafichuk $5,000.00
UBC Thunderbots: RoboCup Competitions and Conference F. Sassani $62,000.00
Arts Learning Plan Online Platform Tracey Rollins
Kathryn Curran
Reporting in Indigenous Communities Mary Lynn Young $24,986.00
Media in Performance: Theatre on the Move Alison Beringer / Ilinca Iurascu $10,845.00
Undergraduate Art History Symposium Deana Holmes $2,045.00
Expanding and Enriching the Co-ordinated Arts Program:  Phase III Faculty of Arts (Year Two) Manuela Costantino $50,000.00
Launching the Science and Technology Studies Graduate Program Alan Richardson $2,600.00
Reading and Writing Canada: Web Resource Guides in Research and Writing for Use in University Courses about Canada Margery Fee $51,196.00
Designing Computer-delivered language tests with beneficial washback on learning:  A Student-faculty Collaborative Approach Caroline Rieger $15,735.00
Building a Framework for an innovative method of online learning at UBC Creative Writing Keith Maillard $10,725.00
College of Health Disciplines
An innovative interprofessional Student-Run Clinic Providing a Community Health Program for People with Chronic Conditions Dale Stogryn $37,265.00
A Parisian Salon: creating a culture of intellect around the social determinants of health Lesley Bainbridge $4,820.00
Interprofessional Health and Human Service Course Curricular Reform Lynda Eccott $4,000.00
Continuing to Promot Mental Health Awareness on Campus: A Student-Led Interprofessional Learning Project to Benefit the UBC Community Michael Lee $17,784.00
Interprofessional Health Mentors Program Angela Towle $49,993.00
Inter-professional Course on Patient Safety and Resilience: Module 1 – “Checklists improve resilience” Malcolm Maclure & Lesley Bainbridge $26,440.00
Cultural Competency & Protocols in Approaching Traditional Healing Modalities in Aboriginal Health Lee Brown $57,805.00
College for Interdisciplinary Studies
Decolonising Planning: an introduction to the theory and practice of working within indigenous communities…a new course proposal Leonie Sandercock $12,500.00
Computer Enhanced Experimental Applied Ethics Education Peter Danielson $49,232.00
Using Cognitive Task Analysis to Enhance the Learning of Two Clinical Dentistry Tasks HsingChi von Bergmann $44,362.00
Reaching Consensus among UBC Dentistry Faculty and Students on Basic Biomedical Science Learning Objectives Leandra Best $3,900.00
Helping Students Link Curricular Content Through the Use of an Online, Interactive Video Nancy Black $10,000.00
Cultivating Evidence Based Practice in the Undergraduate Dental Education Jolanta Aleksejuniene $52,500.00
Enhancing Curriculum and Building Capacity in Aboriginal Education for Faculty and Teacher Candidates Jan Hare $91,500.00
Learning to Teach in an Outdoor Classroom Susan Gerofsky $40,000.00
The HKIN Online Project:  Moving exercise medicine education from “chalk and talk” to the digital age Karim Khan / Michael Koehle $38,000.00
Adult Assessment Clinic William McKee $25,277.00
Integrating Forest Ecology and Soil Ecology Courses at UBC: Development of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Tools Using WebCT Suzanne Simard $23,360.00
Cultivating forest stewardship – integrating forest ecosystem management and student learning at the UBC South Campus Farm Steve Mitchell $46,870.00
Soil Biodiversity as Influenced by Forestry Practices: An Enriched Virtual Educational Experience Maja Krzic $42,918.00
Graduate Studies
Reaching beyond: Teaching and learning and interdisciplinarity at UBC, Year 2 Hillel Goelman $33,699.00
The PCGER Initiative: Bringing UBC to the forefront of global geothermal education and research Lena Patsa $84,000.00
Land & Food Systems
Engaging Aboriginal Communities through Community Service Learning and Community Based Research to Promote Experiential Learning: a UBC Field Course in Heiltsuk First Nation Territory Eduardo Jovel $54,709.00
Evaluating the learning experiences and career trajectories of undergraduate majors in Food, Nutrition and Health and Nutritional Sciences to identify opportunities for improved curriculum and pedagogical development Christine Scaman $34,877.60
UBC Law Innocence Project – Law & Journalism Collaboration Tamara Levy $62,500.00
Assessment of Skills in Ordering Diagnostic Tests: A Case-Based Approach William Schreiber $48,540.00
How Do We Walk?  Interactive Learning Module for Children with Neuromuscular Disorders Alec Black $41,053.00
Lights, Camera, reflection! Scaling up student-created video capabilities for curriculum enhancement Kendall Ho $29,070.00
Lights, Camera, Surgery: Production of Surgical Education Videos within the OR Setting Geoffrey Blair $25,900.00
School of Audiology & Speech Sciences Aphasia Mentoring Project Barbara Purves $29,273.00
Surgical Residents as Teachers:  Implementing an Educators’ Curriculum for Surgical Residents Sandra Jarvis-Selinger $65,500.00
UBC Interactive Online Resources to Enhance Musculoskeletal Oncology Education Paul Clarkson $25,700.00
VIP-CARES: Virtual Interprofessional Patients as Contraception and Abortion Resources for Education of Students:  A community needs-based, multidisciplinary, student-driven collaboration to use Virtual Patient Technology for enhancement of family planning education in the schools of Pharmacy, Nursing, Midwifery and Medicine Wendy Norman $57,017.00
Virtual Patients: Integrating Pharmacology Across the Curriculum Jennifer Shabbits $24,000.00
Virtual Problem Based Learning – A needs assessment exploring on-line PBL group learning Jennie Mickelson $10,920.00
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Developing virtual patient role-play cases to enhance critical thinking and therapeutic relationship skills in Pharmacy students Ingrid Price $13,940.00
Sauder School of Business
The Sauder d-studio: Design Thinking in Action Moura Quayle $52,500.00
Business of Change Program James Tansey $47,700.00
Instructional modules to help organic chemistry students review prerequisite material, more accurately judge what they know, and correct their own problem solving errors Jackie Stewart $60,755.20
Re-visioning the first year physics lab with student-built magnetic resonance imaging Carl Michal $27,400.00
Q4B: Development of a Biology Concept Question Inventory Gulnur Birol $49,576.00
Development of New Integrated Third-year Chemistry Experiments – Year two Robin Stoodley $61,632.00
Digital Plankton Encyclopedia Tara Ivanochko $55,168.00
Designing real-world physics problems for first-year students Georg Rieger $15,106.00
Math-specific ISWs (Instructional Skills Workshops) Djun Kim $6,600.00
VP Students
UBC MIX Project – Creating Interdisciplinary Connections in Classrooms at UBC Joanne Fox $16,650.00
Learning Outcomes Assessment: Improving Teaching and Learning in International Service Learning Tamara Baldwin $40,870.00
Arts Internship Program Howie Outerbridge $31,500.00