2008 / 2009

Alma Mater Society
AMS Centre for Academic Engagement Brendon Goodmurphy 27,000.00
Applied Science
Hands-on Training in Distributed, Embedded and Real-time Systems Engineering Sathish Gopalakrishnan 23,700.00
Development of an Open Microcontroller Platform for Physics 253 and Senior Capstone Project Courses Jonathan Nakane 20,650.00
UBC RoboCup Team – Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences Dr. F. Sassani 20,000.00
Enhanced Learning Options for Undergraduate Nursing Students Maura MacPhee 25,850.00
Digital Image Library at The School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Wendy Varner 10,000.00
Creating Academic Community in the Faculty of Arts Norma Wieland 64,964.00
New Media and Society: A Fifth, and new, Stream within Co-ordinated Arts Mary Lynn Young 60,000.00
Enhancing the Research Education and Experience of Early-Career Psychology Majors Eric Eich 30,000.00
Indigenous Foundations: Web-based Multi-Media Curriculum on First Nations History, Politics, and Culture Linc Kesler 69,324.00
Technology-enhanced Chinese Character Learning Resources for Use in ‘CJK’ (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) Language Courses Ross King 34,500.00
Web Accessibility Initiative for Online Learning Resources and Mixed Mode Courses at UBC Tim Wang 48,800.00
What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom Linc Kesler 27,756.11
Production and Organization of Digitalized Media for Medieval Studies and the History of Art Carol Knicely 55,780.00
The UBC Digital Folklore Archives Adheesh Sathaye 45,125.00
Searching for Ancestors: Adding a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Module to the Musqueam-UBC Archaeological Field School Project Andrew Martindale 70,000.00
Digital Media Internship: A Partnership Between SLAIS and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Edie Rasmussen 23,540.00
Faculty of Arts: Law and Society Minor Proposal Daniel Vickers 14,900.00
Building a Framework for the Innovative Delivery of Two New Genres of Writing at UBC Creative Writing Linda Svendsen 17,400.00
Binding Two Nations Lecture Series Daniel Vickers 10,000.00
Obsolete Concepts: Formative Lingerings (The 27th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium, March 28 and 29, 2008) Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe 6,950.00
College of Health Disciplines
Professional Development for Interprofessional Teaching in the Health and Human Service Professions Louise Nasmith 30,000.00
Interprofessional Pain Management Course Lesley Bainbridge 78,609.00
Community Partnerships for Health Professional Education Angela Towle 62,050.00
Continuing Studies
Professional Development for International Teaching Assistants and International Graduate Students Helena Hensley 66,000.00
Learning about PBL: Enhancing Student, Faculty and Community Awareness of Problem Based Learning at UBC Leandra Best 48,700.00
Developing WordPress for on-line Pedagogy, Curricular Innovation and Cross-campus Implementation Rita Irwin 42,100.00
Preparing Teachers for Rural Settings: Place-based Pedagogy and Global Perspectives Linda Farr Darling 11,500.00
Alternative Service Delivery Models for Aboriginal Education, Year 2 Natasha Boskic 23,140.00
Education and Medicine
An Innovative, Multidisciplinary Teaching Tool for Students: DVD & Website for Musculoskeletal Physical Examination (SHOULDER, NECK, BACK & HIP) Karim Miran-Khan 73,795.00
Scenario Planning and Trade-off Analysis for New Natural Resource Conservation Global Perspectives Capstone Course Stephen J. Mitchell 8,750.00
Land and Food Systems
Development of an Education Program for Enhanced Learning of Sustainability (Year 3) Andrew Riseman 45,000.00
Promoting Student Research: Digital Archiving and Dissemination Hilde Colenbrander 7,862.08
Living in a Digital World: Protecting Your Digital Reputation Sheryl Adam 46,345.00
From Passion to Skill: A Platform for Development of an Interdisciplinary Global Health Curriculum at UBC Andrew Macnab 72,400.00
Continued Development of Online Teaching Resources in Urology John ST Masterson 20,300.00
Medicine and Technology for the 21st Century: Integrating Radiology Within a Medical Curriculum Savvas Nicolaou 25,000.00
Interactive Computerized Educational Modules on Choking in Children for Health Professional Students Jeffrey Ludemann 2,600.00
Community Health Initiative by University Students (CHIUS) Peter Granger 42,370.00
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Developing Thinking and Reasoning Skills in Pharmacy Undergraduate Students Ingrid Price 34,836.80
BIOL 121 Course Revision: Development of Teaching and Learning Resources for Large First Year Biology Course Carol Pollock 47,062.00
Integration of Laboratory and Tutorial Sessions for First-Year Physics Course F. E. L. Bates 22,200.00
Enhancements to CHEM 121: Chemistry Integrated Resource Package and the Chemistry Resource Centre Derek Gates Michael Wolf 71,286.00
VP Academic/ OLT/ TAG
Utilizing Learning Management System Data to Evaluate and Enhance Student Engagement Michelle Lamberson 55, 260.00
Preparing Educators for Fostering Global Citizenship in Teaching and Learning Yael Harlap 14,842.00
Graduate Student Certificate Program on Teaching in Higher Education Desiree Mou 21,688.00
VP Administration and Finance
Climate Action Partnership – Moving UBC Beyond Climate-neutral Liz Ferris 19,600.00
VP External, Legal and Community Relations
Musqueam/UBC Science and Math Club Jacqui Ferraby 7,275.00
VP Students
UBC Jump Start (formerly UBC ASSIST) Michelle Suderman 160,000.00
Building a Sustainable Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program Agatha Jassem 26,750.00
“Get Learn’d” The Learning Conference Janet Sinclair 16,600.00
LEAP: Learning Enhancement Academic Partnership Brian Sullivan 125,000.00
Terry Talks – Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Jam – Ideas that Inspire Action David Ng 20,000.00