2006 / 2007

Applied Science
Hands-on Interactive Learning in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Vincent Wong $27,900.00
Evaluating the role of high fidelity simulations for teaching and evaluating nursing student clinical competencies Maura MacPhee $49,290.00
Creating a sustainable framework for capstone experiences in Chemical Engineering Kevin Smith $16,114.00
A Virtual Laboratory for Mechanical Engineering Design (Design V-Lab) Derek Yip-Hoi $52,000.00
Co-ordinated Arts Program Nancy Gallini $150,000.00
Global Citizens and Sustainable Societies: Revising Curriculum in Sociology and Beyond Neil Guppy $47,050.00
A web-based Chinese character learning tool for use in “CJK” (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) Ross King $99,000.00
Ancient Spaces: Student-driven reconstructions of ancient civilizations Ulrich Rauch $80,780.00
First Nations Languages in the Linguistics Curriculum Patricia A. Shaw $41,650.00
PEPI – Prototype of an Educational Podcasting Infrastructure Mark Schneider $48,960.00
Arts, Science, VP Students, Michael Smith Labs
Towards a Joint Arts/Science Course on Global Issues and Global Citizenship; Leadership skill component; Promoting Interaction with website; and the continuation of precedent setting for the seminar series; Phase II of the Global Citizenship seminar series project David Ng Allen Sens Chad Hyson $50,000.00
Continuing Studies
Professional Development for International Teaching Assistants and Graduate Students Helena Hensley $61,500.00
Peer Review Model for Dentistry Karen Gardner $13,450.00
Writing Well: Write Effectively, Learn for Life Paul M. Wood $46,000.00
Graduate Studies
Professional Development for Graduate Students Scott Kerlin $35,500.00
Health, Science, Engineering and Public Policy Kay Teschke $31,500.00
College of Health Disciplines
Educating the Next Generation of Health Professionals for Social Responsibility and Global Citizenship Shafik Dharamasi $50,000.00
Patients as educators in health professional programs at UBC: strengthening their voice Angela Towle $44,996.00
Land and Food Systems
Program Development for Enhanced Experiential Learning of Sustainability Andrew Riseman $47,000.00
Legal Education: Curriculum Reform Implementation Christine Boyle $19,225.50
Enhancing Active Learning in Large Law School Classrooms and a Tax Case Study Kim Brooks $22,148.00
International Collaborative Reference and InterLibrary Loan Service (ICRILS) Jing Liu $10,693.50
Essentials in Health Informatics for Life Sciences and Computer Science Students – summer and e-learning course Kendall Ho $45,400.00
Integrated Multimedia Assessment Project (IMAP) Justin M. Bonzo $49,840.00
Collaboration in First Nations’ Health through Interprofessional Training and Community Engagement Robert Woollward Kendall Ho $35,400.00
An Interactive Multi-media Website for the Instruction of Pediatric Oncology Karen Goddard $11,000.00
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Animation of Pregnancy Test Fatima Marankan $8,700.00
Creating and enhancing undergraduate research opportunities across campus Ingrid Price $54,000.00
Team Based Learning and Studio Methods in Computer Science Joanna McGrenere $41,217.00
Supporting Science Students’ Problem Solving in Organic Chemistry Jackie Stewart $50,583.00
BIOL 200 – Integrated Presentation and Assessment Material for Basic Cell Biology James D. Berger $19,275.00
Improving Student Laboratory Experiences for First Year Large Introductory Physics Courses Mariana Milner-Bolotin $50,822.20
Student-directed, informal learning centre Lori Kennedy $29,500.00
The Abacus Project Mark Thachuk $110,000.00
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Online Database Celeste Leander $30,000.00
Introduction of investigator (student)-centered research projects to undergraduate plant physiology students Santokh Singh $21,500.00
Engineering Physics Space Elevator – NASA Centennial Beam Power Challenge Andrew Marziali $25,000.00
Teaching and Academic Growth
Helping Build and Support a Learning-Intensive University Gary Poole $283,019.00
VP Academic
Indigenous Elders-in-Residence Program Richard Vedan $49,830.00
VP External & Legal Affairs
Bridge Through Sport Reading Club: Best Practice and Curriculum Development Jacqui Ferraby $7,444.00
VP Research
Sustainability Teaching Resources Heather Scholefield $35,250.00
VP Students
Opportunity Watch: Connecting UBC Graduates to Global Citizenship Opportunities Chad Hyson $41,241.02
LEAP (Learning Enhancement Academic Partnership) formerly: Where’s the one-stop study shop at UBC? Brian Sullivan $136,380.00
Maximizing UBC Student Mobility Degree Progress via the Web Katherine Beaumont $50,000.00
Expansion of the UBC Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program David Kent $18,000.00
Debate 101 Workshop Project: Integrating Debate and Dialogue into the UBC Classroom Adam Davies $25,032.00
UBC International Week Enzula P. Tavomina $18,850.00
ASSIST 2005 – Academic Success: Summer International Students Transition Program Michelle Suderman $94,070.98
VP Students & Faculty of Education
Internationalization at Home: Infusing Global Citizenship into Service Learning and Co-Curricular Partnerships Winnie Cheung Charlene Morton $35,510.00