The Design Charrette: Engaging interdisciplinary student groups in solving real-world problems

Title The Design Charrette: Engaging interdisciplinary student groups in solving real-world problems
Faculty/College/Unit Applied Science
Status Active
Duration 2 Year
Initiation 04/01/2016
Project Summary

At most universities it is very challenging to create learning contexts for students in diverse disciplines to collaboratively solve real-world problems in the classroom. This project will design and deliver a new course, to teach the design charrette method of problem-solving to broadly interdisciplinary students. Students from architecture, landscape architecture, planning, engineering, forestry, business, computer science, ecology and geography will work with the UBC SEEDS program to solve a real campus planning and design problem. In the design charrette a diverse group of people develop a holistic, integrated growth or development proposition in a very short time-frame. Students will learn the charrette method; understand their disciplinary role in solving complex urban problems; learn UBC’s plans, strategies and indicators of sustainable development; employ and critique UBC-developed collaboration tools; learn about forward-looking and iterative design thinking; learn to communicate disciplinary knowledge to people of non-expert backgrounds.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project Year Year 1
Year 1: Funding Year 2016/2017
Year 1: Project Type Small TLEF
Year 1: Principal Investigator Cynthia Girling
Year 1: Funded Amount 35,067
Year 1: Team Members

Dr. Kellogg Booth, Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Ricardo Caceffo, Honorary Post-Doctoral Fellow, Computer Science
Patrick Condon, Professor and Chair of Master of Urban Design, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Dr. Narges Mahyar, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Computer Science
Moura Quayle, Professor, Sauder School of Business, Director, Liu Institute for Global Issues
Dr. Maged Senbel, Associate Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning
Dr. Stephen Sheppard, Professor and Interim Director of Bachelor of Urban Forestry program, Faculty of Forestry
Dr. Sheryl Staub-French, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Liska Richer, Manager, SEEDS Program
Scot Hein, Urban Designer, Campus and Community Planning
Gerry McGeough, Director, Planning and Design, Campus and Community Planning
Tim Herron, Events and Technical Services Manager, Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability