PEPI – Prototype of an Educational Podcasting Infrastructure

TitlePEPI – Prototype of an Educational Podcasting Infrastructure
Duration1 Year
Project Summary

Objectives: The emergence of an important new information channel, podcasting, promises to dramatically improve access to the untapped riches of the spoken word at UBC and promises to create a powerful opportunity for students to express their learning in new, distinctive ways. PEPI will deliver a framework for instructors and students who wish to use, produce, or distribute original, digital audio content. The framework will consist of:

  • A collaborative project sponsored by the School of Journalism (SoJ), the Faculty of Land and Food Systems (LFS) and the School of Library, Information and Library Science (SLAIS) to create news podcasts and to conduct research on this new technology.
  • An innovative infrastructure piloted and designed by Arts ISIT, LFS Learning Centre with critical support from the Office of Learning Technology (OLT).
  • A partnership with The Ubyssey to help train its staff in creating podcasts.
  • Campus outreach in the form of workshops and events; the creation of comprehensive documentation and tutorials; and through the provision of a "podcasting coordinator.”

Rationale: Until now, real-time campus events based on the spoken word, such as lectures, were extraordinarily difficult to record, store and distribute. By connecting the popularity of MP3 players and related technologies to spoken academic material, PEPI will improve access to UBC assets for the benefit of all British Columbians, and enhance learning outcomes.

Method: We will directly innovate a sustainable, academic podcasting platform, consistent with Trek 2010's commitment to "support innovative teaching and create new learning experiences through the application of leading-edge technology” Within existing curriculum, SoJ and LFS students will collaboratively produce a series of journalistic podcasts exploring significant public policy issues attending BC's food production industries (such as Avian Flu, GMO foods, etc.). A technical team, supported by SLAIS, Arts ISIT and the Learning Centre at LFS will assist in the construction of a podcasting infrastructure. SoJ will assist in technology transfer to The Ubyssey.

Finally, an advisory panel (TAG, OLT and Public Affairs) will facilitate PEPI to ensure strong teaching and learning outcomes; technological extensibility and sustainability; and improved access to UBC's many academic and cultural offerings for all external communities.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2006/2007
Year 1: Project TypeSmall TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorMark Schneider
Year 1: Funded Amount48,960
Year 1: Team Members

Mark Schneider, Journalism, Faculty of Arts
Cyprien Lomas, LFS Learning Centre, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Ulrich Rauch, Arts ISIT, Faculty of Arts
Richard Kopak, Library, Archival and Information, Faculty of Arts
Brian Lamb, Office of Learning Technology
Jesse Marchand, The Ubyssey