Interprofessional Lactation Module for the Health Sciences – IP Lactation

TitleInterprofessional Lactation Module for the Health Sciences - IP Lactation
Faculty/College/UnitApplied Science
Duration1 Year
Project Summary

Health professional students do not receive adequate lactation education or practice, and, consequently, are not confident in their ability to counsel families on infant feeding. Our proposal outlines an innovative combined online and hands-on, interdisciplinary lactation open educational resource. Comprehensive high fidelity lactation simulation models did not previously exist, and hands-on lactation education opportunities were not available. The online module (IP-Lactation) and skills lab component will fit the needs of diverse health professional students. Through simulation, improved innovative and effective learning environments for breastfeeding is possible. Since lack of support from healthcare providers is cited by parents as a key reason for early breastfeeding cessation, this new approach will ensure that when students graduate, they are better able to support families. This proposal also has an impact on the interprofessional integration of roles included in the UBC strategic plan and allows support to families with evidence based practice.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2019/2020
Year 1: Project TypeSmall TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorSuzanne Campbell
Year 1: Funded Amount47,079
Year 1: Team Members

Suzanne Campbell, Associate Professor, Nursing, Faculty of Applied Science
Alison Greig, Senior Instructor, Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine
Kim Campbell, Instructor, Midwifery, Faculty of Medicine
Saraswathi Vedam, Associate Professor, Midwifery, Faculty of Medicine
Cheryl Segaric, Instructor, Nursing, Faculty of Applied Science
Claudia Krebs, Professor of Teaching, Cellular and Physiological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine
Melanie Willson, Lecturer, UBC-Okanagan, Nursing, Faculty of Human and Social Development
Flaviana Vieira, Nursing, Faculty of Applied Science
Janet Currie, UBC-Interdisciplinary Doctoral Student
Nicole Bernardes, Nursing, Faculty of Applied Science / Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine
Thayanthini Tharmaratnam, Nursing Graduate Student
Morgan Straza, UBC-Okanagan Nursing Graduate Student
Tina Revai, BC Lactation Consultants Association
Lea Geiger, BC Baby Friendly Network
Carrie Miller, Nursing, Seattle University

Year 1: TLEF ShowcaseYear 1: TLEF Showcase
Project Report2019-TLEF-Final-Report-Campbell-WEB.pdf