Engineering Physics development of Resource-effective Apprenticeship Learning

TitleEngineering Physics development of Resource-effective Apprenticeship Learning
Duration3 Years
Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2019/2020
Year 1: Project TypeLarge TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorAndre Marziali
Year 1: Funded Amount60,000
Year 1: Team Members

Andre Marziali, Professor / Director, Engineering Physics, Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Science

Year 1: Summary

The pace of technology advancement in fields related to Engineering Physics is such that lecture-based courses are difficult to build and keep up to date. In addition, experiential, hands-on learning continues to be the best educational approach for many engineering topics, but is typically very expensive to implement. This proposal contemplates the development of several courses that focus primarily on supporting students as they develop practice in activities ranging from leadership to applications of new technologies such as advanced manufacturing methods, machine vision, and intelligent systems. In doing this, we will test the development of medium scale “Apprenticeship” courses with a resource effective implementation that does not require a large number of faculty or staff, and with student-driven learning that is heavily based on internet resources and can therefore keep up with the pace of technology development.