Webcasting 2.0: Translating, Captioning, and Indexing for Flexible Learning

TitleWebcasting 2.0: Translating, Captioning, and Indexing for Flexible Learning
Duration1 Year
Project Summary

The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre will deliver online lectures with Chinese subtitles through its webcast initiative in collaboration with UBC partners for programs of relevance and interest to faculty and student learning. This is a pedagogical and crowdsourcing teaching and learning program that provides English to Chinese translation for a series of UBC-produced lectures that will enable UBC students to not only be able to study and learn from the lecture content but also to use their translation skills in providing Chinese caption subtitles onto the YouTube videos for dissemination of learning in an online environment.

The proposed project entails three phases:

  1. Identification of UBC videos to translate, selection of UBC students from Chinese 411/413: Modern Chinese Literature I & II and two UBC Chinese student social clubs for translation work of six selected webcasts
  2. Transcription, annotation, captioning, production and indexing of webcast videos on YouTube platform. Through this technology, online learners will be able to conduct keyword searching of the text transcription of video webcasts in both English and Chinese languages.
  3. Creation of website portal (www.daxue.ubc.ca) for broad dissemination of these translated webcast videos for a worldwide audience. ("Daxue" means "university" in Mandarin Chinese.)
Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2014/2015
Year 1: Project TypeSmall TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorTimothy Cheek
Year 1: Funded Amount9,500
Year 1: Team Members

Timothy Cheek, Louis Cha Chair in Chinese Research, Institute of Asian Research
Minghui Yu, Web Coordinator, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
Allan Cho, Community Engagement Librarian, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
Christopher Rea, Professor, Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts
Jing Liu, Acting Head, UBC Asian Library

Project Report14-013-TLEF-Cheek-Cho-Final-WEB.pdf