2010 / 2011

Applied Science
Design Pad: Software to Enhance Collaborative Design Processes Antony Hodgson $20,230.00
UBC Thunderbirds Robotics Snowbots, TREAD, RoboCup John Meech $118,000.00
Piloting the Assessment of Program Level Learning Outcomes in Civil Engineering via Course Design Thomas Froese $38,170.00
Using Video PODcasts to integrate conceptual knowledge and laboratory practice Peter Englezos $22,800.00
Enhancing the Design Experience in 2nd Year Electrical and Computer Engineering Projects Leo Stocco $54,024.30
UBC Solar William Dunford $50,000.00
Engaging students with the environmental dimensions of urban design via the web Cynthia Girling $54,702.61
Developing a Toolkit for Clinical Instructors to Enhance Student Learning About Nursing Care of Older Adults Jennifer Baumbusch $22,330.00
UBC Aero Design (Heavy Lift) Pete Ostafichuk $5,000.00
Expanding and Enriching the Co-ordinated Arts Program: Phase III Manuela Costantino / Neil Guppy $110,000.00
Faculty of Arts Academic Commuter Transition Program (FAACT) – formerly titled “Creating Academic Community in the Faculty of Arts Sally Hermansen $49,300.00
Immigrant Vancouver Ethnographic Field School Alexia Bloch $27,675.00
Directed Studies Research Program Enhancement Eric Eich $28,842.00
Field-Based Learning Initiative in the Geographical Biogeosciences Program Brett Eaton $44,528.00
Web-based Curriculum Resources for UBC First Nations Languages Courses Patricia Shaw $53,388.00
Indigenous Foundations: A Multi-Media Website on First Nations History, Culture and Politics Linc Kesler $78,810.95
Global Encounters: An Interdisciplinary Project for Enhancing the Teaching of Cultural Contact and Exchange at UBC Neil Safier $3,600.00
Building a framework for an innovative method of online learning at UBC Creative Writing Keith Maillard $21,450.00
Musicianship in the Digital Era: Embracing New Technologies in the Advancement of Individual and Ensemble Performance Skills Robert Taylor $56,392.00
Emerging Visual Artists: Facilitating Their Development Through the Enhancement of Digital Studio Resources Xiong Gu $25,000.00
Collaborative workshop for Doctoral Students in Geography Jamie Peck $2,129.00
Breathless Days: 1959-1960: Audio Taping and Conference Website Serge Guilbaut $5,220.00
Arts & VP Students
Arts Internship Program (Formerly titled “Internships: Expanding experiential education in the Faculty of Arts”) Howie Outerbridge $31,500.00
College of Health Disciplines
A Parisian Salon: creating a culture of intellect around the social determinants of health Lesley Bainbridge $5,000.00
An Innovative Interprofessional student run clinic to provide a community health program for people with complex conditions Dale Stogryn $15,997.00
Interprofessional Pain Management Course Lesley Bainbridge $42,223.00
Community partnerships for Health Professional Education Angela Towle $77,020.00
College of Health Disciplines / Faculty of Medicine
Interactive Electronic Learning and Teaching Management System for Midwifery Education Saraswathi Vedam $46,510.00
Promoting Mental Health Awareness on Campus: A Student-led Interprofessional Learning Project to Benefit the UBC Community Michael Lee $15,609.00
Strengthening an Ethical Platform for International Engagement and Service-learning at UBC: Filling knowledge and educational resource gaps Kendra Foster $65,000.00
College for Interdisciplinary Studies
Greening the campus and the world – UBC as a Living Laboratory Gunilla Oberg $8,000.00
Continuing Studies    
Instructional Skills for International Teaching Assistants (ITA) Karen Rolston $66,000.00
Creating a Sustainable and Participatory Professional Development Website in conjunction with a Required Course in the Secondary Bachelor of Education Program Theresa Rogers $23,387.00
Delivering and Evaluating Student-Focussed, Faculty-Facilitated Videos to Prevent Injuries and Improve Health Karim Khan $85,200.00
Programmatic and Curricular Integration: Digital pedagogies for the new teacher education program Rita Irwin $75,500.00
Incorporating Local and Indigenous Perspectives of Sustainability: Training of Global Stewards via CONS452 Sarah Gergel $22,250.00
Graduate Studies
Reaching beyond: Teaching and learning and interdisciplinarity at UBC Hillel Goelman $46,300.00
The Geothermal Education Institute Initiative: Bringing UBC to the forefront of global geothermal education and training Eleni Patsa $92,000.00
Land & Food Systems
Educating food scientists: development of a framework to guide curriculum improvement and pedagogical practices Christine Scaman $41,808.80
Redefining the Undergraduate Experience: Integrating Sustainability into Transdisciplinary Programs for Experiential Education (Year 2) Andrew Riseman $50,000.00
Soil in Questions: an interactive self-assessment and evaluation tool for natural resources courses Maja Krzic $19,522.00
International Food and Nutrition Security Initiative  Judy McLean $42,700.00
Cultivating Place on campus and online: Online and in-class content connecting students and UBC Farm Aboriginal initiatives Eduardo Jovel $25,000.00
Online Learning Opportunities for Commuter and Distance Education Students Trish Rosseel $25,512.00
Library / Sauder School of Business
Working 2.0: Co-Curricular Learning Tools Assessment, Evaluation and Development for a B-School Learning Commons Janice Wallace $32,300.00
Canada’s first collaborative model of curriculum development concerning provision of culturally safe and relevant health care in speech-language pathology and audiology for Aboriginal people B. May Bernhardt $47,450.00
UBC CARES: Computer Assisted Reproductive health Education for Students: A community needs-based, inter-professional, student-driven collaboration to enhance family planning medical education Wendy V. Norman $35,127.50
From Passion to Skill: A Platform for Implementing a Global Health Curriculum at UBC Videsh Kapoor $5,760.00
Surgical Residents as Teachers (SRAT): Implementing an Educators’ Curriculum for Surgical Residents Sandra Jarvis-Selinger $70,000.00
Innovative model for student learning in a community program for people with chronic conditions Sue Murphy and Scott Brolin $42,700.00
A Multi-disciplinary Teaching DVD for Students, Faculty and Community Education: Providing Palliative Care in BC Hospice/ Palliative Care Settings Patricia Boston $123,526.00
Creation of simulation modules to teach trainees communication and collaboration skills Adam Peets $8,962.00
The Balancing Act: Exploring the design of structured educational modules to maximize the value of medical students’ unsupervised learning in the simulation setting Adam Peets $29,886.21
Development of a series of “5-minute Bedside Teaching Modules” in Emergency Medicine Todd Raine $56,640.00
Lights, Camera, Surgery: Production of Surgical Education Videos with the OR Setting Geoffrey Blair $25,900.00
An Interdisciplinary E-learning Program to Enhance Pediatric Oncology Education Karen Goddard $21,000.00
Development of an Online Collaborative Clinical Teaching Community of Practice in Emergency Medicine Todd Raine $24,300.00
Wrap-Up and Editing of Online Teaching Resources Project in Urology John S.T. Masterson $9,120.00
Enhancing medical education by creating learning opportunities and clinical electives in prison communities, phase 2: evaluation development Megan Smith &
Ruth Elwood Martin
Development of a checklist of endotrachial intubation: an educational module Donald Griesdale $19,687.00
Community Health Initiative by University Students (CHIUS) Peter Granger $54,850.00
Improving Academic Half Days in UBC Subspecialty Medicine Programs Leslie N. Zypchen and Luke Chen $5,540.00
Assessment of Skills in Ordering Diagnostic Tests:  A  Case-Based Approach William E. Schreiber $64,800.00
Sauder School of Business
The “Sustainable Business by Design” Studio: a laboratory for evolving a community of practice Moura Quayle $85,641.00
Student Experience Research Advisory (SERA) Start-Up Vivian Forssman $28,050.00
Q4B: Development of a Biology Concept Question Inventory Leah P. Macfadyen $60,612.00
Communicating Science: development of online resource and interactive learning centre for a new course in the General Science Program Shona Ellis $61,896.00
Chemistry Integrated Resource Package for Chemistry 123: Providing a consistent, high quality, first year experience Jennifer Love & Jackie Stewart $41,350.00
Laboratory and web-based resources for student-directed learning in microbial biodiversity Patrick Keeling $43,984.00
Designing real-world physics problems for first-year students George Rieger $15,112.02
Building Capacity for Undergraduate Peer Leaders in Chemistry Michael Fryzuk & Jackie Stewart $6,490.00
Enhancing First-Year Calculus Workshop Delivery Via Web-Based Tools Rajiv Gupta $7,000.00
Development of New Integrated Third-year Chemistry Experiments Robin Stoodley $56,931.84
Informing Laboratory Curriculum Enhancement through the Examination of the Laboratory Skill Expectations of Employers of Chemistry Bachelor’s Students Jennifer Duis $7,000.00
A Small Radio Telescope for Undergraduate Astronomy Ingrid Stairs $6,030.00
VP External
Musqueam Bridge Through Sport Math and Science Club Ryanne James $7,275.00
VP Students
Conference for Learning and Academic Student Success (CLASS) – formerly “Get Learn’d Conference” Janet Sinclair $30,860.00
TEDx TERRY TALKS AND TERRY TALES – Interdisciplinary Student Jams – Ideas that Inspire Action David Ng $27,500.00
Building a Sustainable Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program Janet Teasdale for Veronique Lecault $12,750.00
UBC MIX Project – Creating Interdisciplinary Connections in Classrooms at UBC Joanne Fox $16,650.00