2007 / 2008

Applied Science
Engineering Student Team Development Amy Vozel 30,000.00
Talking the Walk: Strengthening Communication Education in the Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum Geertje Boschma 13,000.00
High Fidelity Simulation Curriculum Development and Faculty Education Maura MacPhee 39,158.00
Digital Image Library at The School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Wendy Varner 25,600.00
An Interactive Web based Matrix to Support the Knowledge Translation of Professional Standards, Scope of Practice Guidelines and Clinical Competencies for Nursing Barbara Boyle 35,000.00
Expanding the Co-ordinated Arts Program: Phase II Nancy Gallini 108,770.00
Technology-enhanced Chinese Character Learning Resources for Use in ‘CJK’ (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) Language Courses Ross King 68,000.00
Failing, Failed and Fragile States Conference Brian Job 4,050.00
Arts and Science
The Terry Project: Delivery of a Joint Arts/Science Course on Global Issues and Global Citizenship; Continued Leadership Skill Component; Web Site Maintenance; and Global Citizenship Seminar Series Project David Ng Allen Sens Chad Hyson 43,750.00
College of Health Disciplines
Interactive Learning Profiles for Health Sciences Students William E. Schreiber 40,387.00
Continuing Studies
Building UBC’s Intercultural Competence for 2010 Helena Hensley Karen Rolston 41,700.00
Professional Development for International Teaching Assistants and International Graduate Students Chase Mackie 63,000.00
Introducing a Community Service Learning Curriculum into Dental Education Shafik Dharamsi 45,790.00
The Trans-Faculty Peer Review Program for Teaching and Learning Karen Gardner 31,557.00
Engaging Global Citizenship through Collective Action and the Integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) within the Secondary Teacher Education Program Don H. Krug 21,704.00
Supporting Student E-portfolio Creation in the Teacher Education Program Rita L. Irwin 78,000.00
Alternative Service Delivery Modes for Aboriginal Education Natasha Boskic 43,073.00
Education and AVP International
Internationalization at Home (Phase II): Expanding and Assessing the Development of Global Citizenship Through Co-Curricular and Community Partnerships Charlene Morton Winnie L. Cheung 29,135.00
Education and Medicine
An Evidence-based an Innovative DVD (UBC-DVD) that Demonstrates and Animates Musculoskeletal Physical Examination Karim Miran-Khan 32,000.00
Breaking Math-Related Boundaries – Innovative Instruction Addressing Cultural Barriers Candace Parsons 20,161.00
Writing WELL: Write Effectively, Learn for Life Paul M. Wood 4,410.00
Land and Food Systems
Land-Use Impacts on Soil Quality: A Virtual and Experiential Education Project Maja Krzic 35,889.00
Development of an Education Program for Enhanced Learning of Sustainability (Year 2) Andrew Riseman 41,100.00
Academic Integrity 101: A Game-Based Tutorial Simon Neame 10,000.00
From Passion to Skill: A Community-Partnered International Initiative and Platform for Development of Interdisciplinary Global Health Curricula Andrew Macnab 43,880.00
Enhancement of the Maternity Care Simulation Laboratory: Inter-professional Education with a High-Fidelity Maternal/Newborn Simulator and an Internet / DVD Virtual Lab Kim Campbell 48,674.00
An Interactive Multi-media Web-site for the Instruction of Pediatric Oncology Karen Goddard 11,900.00
Community Health Initiative by University Students (CHIUS) Peter Granger 33,900.00
Enhancing Student Engagement in Problem Based Learning Tutorial Process in 2nd Year Medical Curriculum Pawel Kindler 9,760.00
Is the Past Present? International Comparative Indigenous Experiences of Colonization Leah May Walker 44,204.00
BIOL200 – Integrated Presentation and Assessment Material for Basic Cell Biology James D. Berger 20,000.00
Integration of Laboratory and Tutorial Sessions for First-Year Physics Courses F. E. L. Bates 27,200.00
UBC Snowstar: NASA Centennial Challenge Entry and Continued Development of the PHAS Extracurricular Projects Laboratory Andre Marziali 20,000.00
VP Academic/ TAG
Graduate Student Certificate Program in Teaching in Higher Education (CPTHE) Desiree Mou 20,851.20
Preparing Educators for Fostering Global Citizenship in Teaching and Learning Yael Harlap 29,300.00
VP Students
LEAP: Learning Enhancement Academic Partnership Brian Sullivan 100,000.00
Maximizing UBC Student Mobility Degree Progress via the Web Katherine Beaumont 55,000.00
ASSIST 2007: Academic Success: Summer International Students Transition Program Michelle Suderman 74,891.76
Expansion of the UBC Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program David Kent 25,050.00
Debate 101 Workshop Program: Integrating Debate and Dialogue into the UBC Classroom Tahara Bhate 16,000.00