2001 / 2002

MyUBC Dr. Michael Isaacson $75,000
Teaching and Learning About Sustainability

Dr. Kathryn Harrison

Dr. Douw Steyn

Dr. Jim Atwater

Dr. George Spiegelman

Dr. Alice Cassidy

Trek 2000 Volunteer Leadership Project Susan Sorrell $20,125
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Continued Development and Implementation of Problem-Based Learning Tools and Approaches: Building Upon Our Year One Successes Maureen Garland $49,920
Faculty of Applied Science
Learning to Design in Engineering: Techniques and Tools for Self Learning and Conceptualization

W. Scott Dunbar

Royann J. Petrell

Hands-on Design Lab Facilities for Project Based Learning

M. S. Gadala

A. Hodgson

D. W. McAdam

P. Cramond

An Integrated, Computerised Professional Practice Portfolio for Nursing Students

Cathryn Jackson

Elaine Carty

Faculty of Arts
Foundations Program Dr. Paul Tennant $150,000
Arts Cooperative Education Program Julie Walchli $90,000
WhatsIT? An Online Information Technology Course

Ulrich Rauch

Dr. Ralph Matthews

World Languages Multimedia Package

Dr. Henry Davis

Dr. Strang Burton

Multimedia ArcView Research and Teaching Help Assistant (MARTHA)

Dr. Brian Klinkenberg

Sally Hermansen

The Thunderbird Online Media Project Dr. Mary Lynn Young $12,000
CDST 350: Canada and Crossborder Issues Dr. Richard Cavell $3,200

Deja vu All Over Again: The IMage in Revision

The 20th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium

Kathleen Wyma

Art History Graduate Students Association

Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Centre for Operations Excellence (COE) Case Study Development Dr. Brian Bemmels $43,600
Faculty of Dentistry
Interactive Virtual Tooth Reality

Dr. Babak Chehroudi

Dr. Donald M. Brunette

Dr. Lance M. Rucker

Faculty of Education
The Urban Learner

Dr. Karen Meyer

Dr. Carl Leggo

Elaine Decker

Learning About Language and Learning About Culture: A Web-based research project

Dr. Ling Shi

Elaine Decker

Sheryl Adam

Jo-Anne Naslund

Tammy Slater

Prof. Ken Reeder

The Digital Studio Project, Phase II: A Technology Research Centre for Innovative Uses of Digital Tools in Teaching and Learning

Dr. Linda Stanley Wilson

Dr. Mary Bryson

Dr. John Willinsky

Dr. Rob Tierney

Dr. Stephen Petrina

Dr. Cynthia Nicol

Dr. Jo-Anne Naslund

Dr. Pat Mirenda

Dr. Perry Leslie

Dr. Cay Holbrook

Dr. Felicity Jules

Dr. Gaalen Erickson Dr. Frank Echols

Preparing Teachers to Model and Promote Self Regulated Learning Dr. Nancy E. Perry $44,927
Faculty of Forestry
Enhancement of Teaching and Learning for Forestry Undergraduates Through the Development of High Technology Delivery Tools

Dr. Susan Watts

Jim Sibley

Dr. John Richardson

Dr. George Hoberg

Dr. Younes Alila

Faculty of Graduate Studies
Development of a Web-based Resource for Interdisciplinary Health Research Training

Gwen Chapman

Dr. Susan Harris

Dr. Pamela Ratner

Alice Chen

Heather Lovelace

Patricia Mortenson

Patti O’Brian

Peggy Wyatt

Office of the Coordinator of Health Sciences
High School Outreach Program

Dr. John Gilbert

Health Science Students’ Association Executive:

Nima Tabloei

Adrian Tees

Omar Alasaly

Candy Ho

Educational Technologies Initiative (ETI) Learning Centre

Kathryn Hornby

Charlene Walsh

Gordon Page

Nima Tabloei

Faculty of Law
Developing an Interactive Course in Canada-Japan Contract Negotiation and Drafting Using New Information Technologies in Linked Distance Education Programs Prof. Stephan M. Salzberg 20,000
Faculty of Medicine
Using Standardized Patients to Teach Students Essential Clinical Skills

Dr. Judith A. Vestrup

Dr. Gordon Page

Dr. Loan Fraser

Dr. Joanne Hoffman

Dr. Sharon Salloum

Ms. Nicole Hallgren

Evaluating Innovative Change: Comparing Perspectives of the UBC Medical and Dental Schools’ Problem Based Learning Curricula and the Previous “Conventional” Curriulum

Marc Broudo

Dr. Martha Donnelly

Dr. Marcia Boyd

Dr. Diane Roscoe

Dr. Sylvie Langlois

Dr. Angela Towle

Dr. George Pachev

Ms. Dana Romalis

Ms. Bonnie Wiese

Ms. Gadrun Aubertin

The Development, Evaluation and Implementation of a Web-Based System for Generating Clinical Trials Protocols

Dr. Bernard MacLeod

Mr. Lui Franciosi

Dr. Mihai Huzmezan

Dr. Kjell Rubenson

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Establishing an Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching and Learning through the Development, Implementation, and Utilization of Cross-Disciplinary Case-Based Problems using the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Web-Based Learning Centre

Dr. Simon P. Albon

Dr. Kishor M. Wasan

Dr. Michael D. Pungente

Dr. Tony Bates

Dr. R. Taylor

Dr. D. M. Kaufman (Dalhousie University)

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences WBLC Course Coordinators

Faculty of Science
Integrated Genetics Laboratory

Dr. Carl Douglas

Dr. Jim Berger

Teaching and Learning: A Two Way Street

Dr. Cyprien Lomas

Dr. Joanne Nakonechny

Dr. Jim Berger

Dr. Ian Cavers

Inquiry Based Laboratory Instruction in the First Year General Chemistry Course Dr. Sophia Nussbaum $36,050
Natural Disasters Lab

Prof. Roland Stull

Oldrich Hungr

Michael Bostock

Susan Allen

Mary Lou Bevier

Stuart Sutherland

Environmental Studies 300 Dr. George Spiegelman $7,130
Discovering New Perspectives on Sustainability Issues: Designing an Interdisciplinary Field Course on the BC Coast

Dr. Kurt Grimm

Dr. Lee Gass

Dr. George Spiegelman

Dr. Kathryn Harrison

Dr. Douw Steyn

E-Course Reserve for Copyrighted Materials Leonora Crema $31,340
Web-based Resources for Engineering Case Studies, Design Problems and Problem-Based Learning Bonita Stableford $8,492
Continuing Studies
Intercultural Understanding and Tools for the UBC Community

Mackie Chase

The Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth

Alma Mater Society
AMS Tutoring Service

Siu-Kae Yeong

Dr. Serguei Novochelskii

Student Services
Development and Piloting of UBC Student ExchangeNet

Katherine Beaumont

Jennifer Delucry

Michael Ross

Rob Dies

Mackie Chase

First Nations House of Learning
Hands Back, Hands Forward: First Nations New Learning Technologies Project

Dr. Jo-ann Archibald

Felicity Jules

Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth
Moving Toward an Enhanced Model of Instructional Development: Programs and Services to Support Teaching and Learning at UBC

Dr. Gary Poole

Ms. Lynne Abbott

Ms. Catherine Bennington

Dr. Alice Cassidy

Shibao Guo

Dr. Harry Hubball

Janice Johnson

Mirella Mazur

Ingrid Price