Improving Academic Half Days in UBC Subspecialty Medicine Programs

TitleImproving Academic Half Days in UBC Subspecialty Medicine Programs
Duration1 Year
Project Summary

The purpose of this project is to improve Academic Half-Days (AHDs) in UBC Subspecialty Medicine programs by conducting a needs assessment, promoting communication between subspecialties, and developing specific quality improvement strategies. AHDs are the core curriculum for residency training programs, and consist mainly of didactic lectures. Each specialty develops its own AHD in isolation, with focus on content at the expense of process and outcomes. Pilot data from Hematology indicates that AHDs could be dramatically improved by engaging residents and faculty in innovative approaches to teaching and learning. It is likely that other programs have also developed effective strategies that would benefit the broader community, but there is currently no mechanism for sharing these insights. Systematically identifying strengths and weaknesses of each Subspecialty Medicine program, developing practical solutions to problems, and then disseminating this information will be of great benefit to the UBC Medicine community.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2010/2011
Year 1: Project TypeSmall TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorLuke Chen
Year 1: Funded Amount5,540
Year 1: Team Members

Luke Chen, Clinical Educator Fellow, Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES)
Leslie N. Sypchen, Hematology, Faculty of Medicine
Cary Cuncic, Clinical Educator Fellow, CHES
Daniel Pratt, Professor, Educational Studies / Senior Scholar, CHES