Expanding Community Engaged Learning Opportunities Across First Year Cohort-Based Programs

TitleExpanding Community Engaged Learning Opportunities Across First Year Cohort-Based Programs
Duration2 Year
Project Summary

Community engaged learning (CEL) is a high-impact learning activity that deepens student learning and improves mastery of course material. For students in first year cohort programs, specifically the Coordinated Arts Program (CAP) and Vantage College (VC) , CEL offers students the opportunity to have a shared, common experience, something that is difficult to otherwise achieve with the diverse student body enrolled in both programs. CEL also provides a context for students to gain professional experience while developing their understanding of the broader Vancouver community that they are now a part of. However, faculty knowledge of and confidence in developing CEL opportunities for students is limited in both programs. This project builds faculty capacity by establishing CEL Faculty Fellows and sustainable resource support by providing specially trained CEL TA Fellows who, combined with CEL Mentors, will support new practitioners of CEL in exploring this innovative pedagogical method across both the CAP and VC.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2019/2020
Year 1: Project TypeSmall TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorKerry Greer
Year 1: Funded Amount22,653
Year 1: Team Members

Kerry Greer, Instructor, Sociology, Faculty of Arts
Claudia Ruitenberg, Academic Director, Vantage College
Susan Grossman, Director, Centre for Community Engaged Learning
Katherine Lyon, Instructor, Vantage College / Sociology, Faculty of Arts
Laurie McNeill, Chair, Arts First-Year Programs and Arts Studies in Research and Writing
Tom Kemple, Chair, Arts One and CAP, Faculty of Arts
Evan Mauro, Sessional Instructor, Law and Society CAP Stream
Simon Lolliot, Instructor, Vantage College / Psychology, Faculty of Arts
Daniel Riccardi, Lecturer, Academic English Program, Vantage College
Jennifer Lightfoot, Lecturer, Academic English Program, Vantage College
Christine D’Onofrio, Instructor, Art History, Visual Art and Theory, Faculty of Arts
Kelsea Perry, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sociology, Faculty of Arts