Fostering Peer Learning and Assessment Skill

Title Fostering Peer Learning and Assessment Skill
Faculty/College/Unit Arts
Status Active
Duration 2 Year
Initiation 04/01/2015
Project Summary

This project will create and evaluate the tools/support-materials needed for including a pedagogically valid and reliable peer assessment component in PSYC 101&102. Peer assessment -- the assessment of student work by other students -- is a method for achieving several desirable outcomes, including increased student engagement in the learning process and enhanced proficiency in the broad range of skills required for the critical analysis and evaluation of the work of others. In addition, the amount and range of feedback about an assignment are increased when multiple peers assess a student’s work. To achieve such benefits, we propose to (a) create a workshop for training peer-assessment skills, (b) investigate the effectiveness of this workshop in enhancing students’ critical evaluation skills, and (c) examine whether training in peer assessment boosts students’ perception and acceptance of the peer evaluation process and of the critical evaluative feedback provided by peers.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project Year Year 1
Year 1: Funding Year 2015/2016
Year 1: Project Type Large TLEF
Year 1: Principal Investigator Peter Graf
Year 1: Funded Amount 120,021
Year 1: Project Status Active
Year 1: Team Members

Dr. Catherine Rawn, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts

Year 1: TLEF Showcase Year 1: TLEF Showcase