2013 / 2014

Faculty of Applied Science
Using Prototyping Workshops to develop a broad skill set in our students – Software, Electronics, and Mechanical Tools and Training for First-Year Engineering Students Jonathan Nakane $29,400.00
Indigenous Community Planning: implementation of a new curriculum Leonie Sandercock $86,501.00
Building collaborative nursing simulation education excellence Maura MacPhee $42,590.00
mLearning for Practice Skills: Using augmented reality to enhance lab and clinical teaching Bernie Garrett $13,026.00
Trees for Vancouver Douglas Justice $2,682.61
Triangulation Data for Assessing Curricula Susan Nesbit $29,840.00
Global Engineering Website Development Annette Berndt $29,500.00
International Solar Vehicle Project Frank Ko $50,000.00
University of British Columbia Human Powered Vehicle Team Steven Stewart $7,000.00
Formula UBC Connor Burgess $10,000.00
Faculty of Arts
UBC Geography Professionals Leadership Network Marwan Hassan $38,195.00
CanLit Guides (was Reading & Writing   Canada) Margery Fee $75,755.00
Incorporating Digital Media Technology in Live Performance and Post-Production for Enhancing Community Engagement, and Youth Exposure to the Arts Graeme Langager $61,832.00
The UBC Visible Speech Project: Combined Animation and Ultrasound Demonstrations of Speech Articulation Kathleen Hall $18,233.20
Preparing for the Workshop: creating instructional modules to support blended undergraduate learning in Creative Writing Andrew Gray $63,400.00
UBC Intensive Opera and Language Summer School Nancy Hermiston / Luisa Canuto $42,160.00
College of Health Disciplines
Interprofessional Health Mentors Program Angela Towle $50,189.00
The UBC Violence Intervention and Prevention Connector Louise Nasmith $23,876.00
College of Health Disciplines / Vice President Students
Universal Campus – developing a “personalized accessibility plan” to foster the participation of students with disabilities in health and human service professional programs Tal Jarus / Ruth Warick $61,276.00
Faculty of Dentistry
Transitioning into a dental hygiene baccaleureate: Understanding and enhancing academic and social integration Jude Walker $13,550.00
Faculty of Education
Learning to teach in an outdoor classroom Susan Gerofsky $62,551.00
Turning Teacher-Candidates to Inquiry: Improving Preparation of Future K-12 Teachers in Mathematics and Science through Active Technology Engagement Marina Milner-Bolotin $55,227.00
Enhancing indigenous language and culture education across the curriculum: Engagement of students and faculty through multimedia technology Candace Galla $50,082.00
M101 – UBC’s LOOC for Mobile Learning David Vogt $56,000.00
Faculty of Forestry
Forestry education and demonstration areas at UBC research forests Bruce Larson $39,000.00
Faculty of Land & Food Systems
Web-based education segments for UBC Dietetics Major preceptors and students Karol Traviss $31,411.00
SoilWeb200 Educational Tool Goes to UBC Wiki Maja Krzic $31,259.00
Multimedia Soil Map of Vancouver: An Educational Tool for Exploring our City’s Environment Maja Krzic $42,252.00
Faculty of Law
Law without Borders: Developing a Distance Learning Portfolio at the Faculty of Law Helene Love $50,000.00
Global Environmental and Resources Law Externship Program Benjamin Richardson $14,850.00
Expanding the Graduate Research Commons Trish Rosseel $93,715.00
Asian-Language Citation Guides Shirin Eshghi $15,307.20
Faculty of Medicine
Developing a formulary app for UBC medical students Stan Bardal $14,200.00
Case-Based Learning Tutor Training Program: Supporting MD Undergraduate Curriculum Renewal Gisele Bourgeois-Law $45,280.00
Bridging the gap between theory and practice: Implementation of T-RES for occupational therapy fieldwork placements Donna Drynan $26,177.00
The Development of Online Oncology Modules and Virtual Patients to Support Interdisciplinary Oncology Instruction Paris-Ann Ingledew $8,792.00
Mass Gathering Medicine Club Initiative Alvin Keng / Alison Lee $3,029.41
Peer Facilitation and Assessment in Case Based Learning in the Renewed Medical Curriculum: a Pilot Pawel Kindler $15,700.00
Development of “Quick-Check”: A Self-administered Testing of Essential Prerequisite Knowledge for Masters of Physical Therapy Students Darlene Redenbach $5,696.36
Emergency Department Ultrasound: An introduction to the ultrasound assisted physical exam for medical students Andrew Skinner $21,150.00
Enhancing cancer genetics education through participatory development of internet-based community education resources Wyeth Wasserman $36,256.50
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Enhancing Student Learning and Expanding Institutional Experience Clerkship Opportunities Across UBC’s Pharmacy Programs Peter Loewen $96,550.00
Bridging the Gap from the Classroom to the Instituional Practice Site – A Transition Module for Pharmacy Students Marion Pearson $59,500.00
Sauder School of Business
Economics hands-on. A simulation approach to learning microeconomics Mariano Tappata $18,308.00
Project Management Simulation Game Hasan Cavusoglu $51,930.00
Developing a Sustainable Culture of Ethics Education at the Sauder School Valia Spiliotopoulos $34,506.00
Flipping the classroom: Improving student engagement and learning in-class with improved pre-class student preparation Drew Paulin $40,325.00
Faculty of Science
Resources for Learning and Teaching Science-Specific Writing Skills Jackie Stewart $48,297.68
On-line Homework System for Undergraduate Statistics Courses Bruce Dunham $60,240.00
ChemTube: Instructional videos to improve student learning in  the CHEM3XX analytical laboratory Robin Stoodley $43,392.00
Development of Multi-Week Open-ended Inquiry Fourth-year Chemistry Projects – Year One Vishakha Monga $33,184.00
Developing learner-centric activities to promote interdisciplinary engagement in the Science One program James Charbonneau $8,550.00
Emerging Aboriginal Scholars Summer School Melania Alvarez $29,000.00
Vice-President Academic
The Terry Project Podcast – An interdisciplinary program exploring global issues through a unique mix of storytelling, discussion and debate David Ng $39,770.00
Vice-President Students
Building Synergy in Promoting Mental Health Awareness Across Campus Using a Student-Led Participatory Action Approach Michael Lee $42,046.00
Peer Wellness Coaching Program Cheryl Washburn $47,730.00
Learning Outcomes Assessment: Improving Teaching and Learning in International Service Learning Tamara Baldwin $60,532.00
Improving Student Assessment at UBC through Resource Development and Innovation Kiran Mahal $73,000.00
Intercultural Understanding: A Transformative Student Training Model C.J. Rowe $27,500.00
Enhanced Career Services and Resources for Graduate Students Kim Kiloh $147,000.00