2012 / 2013

 Faculty of Applied Science
Integration of Statistical Understanding with the CHBE Undergraduate Laboratory Student Experience Peter Englezos $30,032.00
Integrating Cloud Computing into Software Engineering Education Ali Mesbah $32,260.00
elementsdb:  Engaging students with the environmental dimensions of urban design via the web Cynthia Girling $61,063.74
Educating Towards Equity, Citizenship, and Respectful Relations in Nursing and Health Care:  A Faculty and Student Transformative Intervention Project Helen Brown $37,786.56
International Robotic Soccer Camp and Competition F. Sassani $12,000.00
UBC Aero Design Peter Ostafichuk $6,500.00
UBC Orbit Jon Nakane $18,000.00
UBC Electric Car Club Simon Hecker $10,000.00
Architecture & Landscape Architecture Building Material Sample Collection:  a Visual and Physical Resource Wendy Davidson / Kris Fox $32,088.00
Faculty of Arts
Reporting in Indigenous Communities Peter Klein $17,486.00
Reading and Writing Canada:  Web Resource Guides in Research and Writing for Use in University Courses about Canada.  Phase II – Web Resource Guides Integration and Implementation Margery Fee $49,773.00
Designing computer-delivered language tests with beneficial washback on learning a student-faculty collaborative approach Caroline Rieger $14,750.00
Enhancing Coordination and Collaboration in the Coordinated Arts Program Neil Guppy /  Kathryn Grafton / Laurie McNeill $15,683.30
Music Technology Teaching Resources Bob Pritchard $30,897.00
College of Health Disciplines
Creating story-based videos to enhance interprofessional education for collaborative patient-centred care Lynda Eccott $59,025.00
The UBC Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Connector Louise Nasmith $73,352.00
A Culture of Engagement
(Joint Proposal from College of Health Disciplines & VP Students)
Lesley Bainbridge /  Susan Grossman $45,332.00
Interprofessional Health Mentors Program Angela Towle $51,730.00
Interactive Electronic Learning and Teaching Management System for Midwifery Education Saraswathi Vedam $24,992.00
IPC (Interprofessional Collaboration) on the Run Christie Newton / Donna Drynan $57,397.00
College for Interdisiplinary Studies
Decolonizing planning:  an introduction to theories, epistemologies and practices of working with/in indigenous communities…implementation of a new course and curriculum Leonie Sandercock $47,170.00
Continuing Studies
A Global Campus:  Tandem Language Learning at UBC Andrew Scales $12,576.50
Faculty of Dentistry
Fostering Differentiated Instruction and Learning in Dentistry via Construction and Implementation of Online Mini-Modules Karen Gardner $22,933.00
Development and Implementation of a functional histology learning system for UBC DMD and MD students Clive R. Roberts $24,250.00
Understanding and Enhancing DMD Student Study Habits for Greater Learning and Wellbeing Leandra Best $34,380.00
Faculty of Education
Learning to Teach in an Outdoor Classroom Susan Gerofsky $50,120.65
Enhancing Curriculum and Building Capacity in Aboriginal Education for Faculty and Teacher Candidates: Year 2 Evaluation Jan Hare $12,000.00
Turning Teacher-Candidates to Inquiry: Improving Preparation of Future K-12 Teachers in Mathematics and Science through Active Technology Engagement Marina Milner-Bolotin $39,352.82
Faculty of Forestry
Enhancing Lab Teaching and Safety using Mobile Learning Tools Iain Macdonald $8,500.00
Cultivating forest stewardship – integrating forest ecosystem management and student learning at the UBC South Campus Farm Stephen Mitchell $45,000.00
Faculty of Graduate Studies
The PCGER Initiative: Bringing UBC to the forefront of global geothermal education and research Eleni Patsa $50,000.00
Faculty of Land & Food Systems
International Food and Nutrition Security Initiative: Implentation Phase Judy McLean $54,120.00
A Survey of Dietetics Major Graduates (2007-2011) and a Stakeholder Retreat to Inform Program Curriculum Karol Traviss $28,243.88
Building the Graduate Research Commons Trish Rosseel $93,715.00
Faculty of Medicine
Developing a Web-based Library of Self-Learning Modules on Research Methods for Students in Professional Masters Programs Julia Rozanova $8,608.00
Innovative, interprofessional approach for student and resident research projects Diana Dawes $8,796.96
Thinking About Learning:  Enhancing Self-Directed Learning Opportunities via Effective Reflection Gary Poole $8,675.00
Development of virtual patient cases to enhance student understanding of the impact of social determinants of health in British Columbia Gurdeep Parhar $85,960.00
Virtual Problem Based Learning Jennie Mickelson $10,820.00
Enriching PBL with Virtual Patient Technology Nora Houlahan $63,339.00
UBC Interactive Online Resource to Enhance Musculoskeletal Oncology Education Paul Clarkson $13,510.00
VIP-CARES Wendy Norman $86,031.00
Enhancing cancer genetics education through participatory development of internet-based community education resources Wyeth W Wasserman $33,898.10
School of Audiology & Speech Sciences Aphasia Mentoring Project Barbara Purves $28,072.00
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Developing a patient-centred Pharmacists Clinic to provide an enriched experiential learning program for pharmacy students Tessa Nicholl $119,200.00
Preparing students for patient-centred practice in a Type II Diabetes Clinic Lynda Eccott $15,650.00
The Development and Implementation of the UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Journal – A student-led initiative to promote learning around research and publishing among pharmacy students Tessa Nicholl $8,095.00
Sauder School of Business
Enterprise Architecture Initiative (EAI): Engaging Students in Enterprise Architecture Knowledge Yau Man Cheung $21,850.00
Decoding Social Media:  Theory and Practice Paul Cubbon $8,382.00
Rapid Knowledge Transfer in Business Education:  Teach us something in 7 minutes Nancy Langton $21,400.00
Integrating iPeer with UBC’s new course management system – Blackboard Learn Robert Peregoodoff $51,600.00
Applying Emerging Web Practices in Teaching and Learning for Improved Student Experience and Interaction Robert Peregoodoff $56,702.50
Web-based implementation of health care management & service operations teaching games Martin L Puterman $58,000.00
Economics hands-on.  A simulation approach to learning microeconomics Mariano Tappata $25,620.00
Assessment of Learning in Business Education Valia Spiliotopoulos $22,464.80
Faculty of Science
Q4B: Development of a Biology Concept Question Inventory Gulnur Birol $55,796.00
Science-Specific Writing Resources for SCIE 113 and SCIE 300 Jackie Stewart $49,976.20
Development of New Integrated Third-year Chemistry Experiments – Year three Robin Stoodley $62,632.00
Online Educational Resources for Incoming First Year Calculus Students Fok-Shuen Leung $41,472.80
Improving Student Learning through Case-based Teaching in Chemistry 211 Anka Lekhi $9,917.40
On-line Homework System for Undergraduate Statistics Courses Bruce Dunham $62,840.00
Sustainability Pathway – Phase 1: Biology Shona Ellis $40,000.00
Vice President Students
Building Synergy in Promoting Mental Health Awareness Across Campus Using a Student-Led Participatory Action Approach Michael Lee $32,304.00
UBC MIX Project – Creating Interdisciplinary Connections in Classrooms at UBC Joanne Fox / Allen Sens $19,300.00
Intercultural Understanding: A Transformative Student Training Model C.J. Rowe $58,248.00
Learning Outcomes Assessment:  Improving Teaching and Learning in International Service Learning Tamara Baldwin $43,870.00