2009 / 2010

Applied Science
University of British Columbia International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Team Eric Lagally 36,816.80
A Web-based Evaluation Resource Centre Bernie Garrett 45,000.00
Exploring International Interdisciplinary Science Study Partnerships for Undergraduate Students Using Social Networking Technologies Bernie Garrett 3,200.00
UBC Thunderbirds Robotics: Snowflurries, TREAD, RoboCup John Meech 92,000.00
Design Software to Enhance Collaborative Design Processes Antony Hodgson 10,000.00
FAACT (Faculty of Arts Academic Commuter Transition Program) Norma Wieland 56,440.00
Transforming Learning, Supporting Teaching: Resources for Writing Intensive Learning K. B. Patterson 48,610.00
Enhancing the Research Education and Experience of Early-Career Psychology Majors Eric Eich 30,000.00
Indigenous Foundations: A Multi-Media Website on First Nations History, Culture and Politics Linc Kesler 60,553.85
Global Encounters: An Interdisciplinary Project for Enhancing the Teaching of Cultural Contact and Exchange at UBC Neil Safier 36,659.00
Interactive Teaching Video (iTV) Modules and Archive for iJournalism and New Media Courses Alfred Hermida 21,680.00
Building a Framework for an Innovative Method of Online Learning at UBC Creative Writing Keith Maillard 25,325.00
Material Affinities: Intersections that Matter Angela Zhang 700.00
Arts & VP Students
Internships: Expanding Experiential Education in the Faculty of Arts Howie Outerbridge 31,000.00
Professional Development for Interprofessional Teaching in the Health and Human Service Professions Christie Newton 41,400.00
College of Health Disciplines
Interprofessional Problem-Based Learning Module for Five Health Science Disciplines Lynda Eccott 23,300.00
Establishing a Sustainable Platform for Ethical Informational Service Learning Practice Shafik Dharamsi 118,567.00
Community Partnerships for Health Professional Education Angela Towle 79,665.00
Continuing Studies
Instructional Skills for International Teaching Assistants (ITA) Karen Rolston 66,000.00
Developing WordPress for On-line Pedagogy, Curricular Innovation and Cross-campus Implementation #2 Rita Irwin 79,250.00
Development of Online International Course: Forests in a Global Context John Innes 50,000.00
Integrating Forest Ecology and Soil Ecology Courses at UBC: Development of Web-based Learning and Teaching Tools Using WebCT Suzanne Simard 25,000.00
Graduate Studies
Universitas 21 Program in Global Research Ethics & Integrity for Graduate Students Barbara Evans 72,000.00
Land and Food Systems
Climate at UBC – Real Time Applets for Climate Teaching and Learning T. Andrew Black 39,856.00
Redefining the Undergraduate Experience: Integrating Sustainability into Transdisciplinary Programs for Experiential Education Andrew Riseman 60,000.00
Soil Science Teaching Tools – Merging of Old and New Maja Krzic 26,360.00
Virtual Laboratory Modules for Soil Science Maja Krzic 38,400.00
Empowering Resource Based Communities Sandra Brown 45,000.00
Faculty Diversity Pedagogy Training Margot Young 6,731.00
Promoting Student Research Digital Archiving and Dissemination Hilde Colenbrander 7,853.87
Canada’s First Collaborative Model of Curriculum Development Concerning Provision of Culturally Safe and Relevant Health Care in Speech-language Pathology and Audiology for Aboriginal People B. May Bernhardt 80,840.00
International Indigenous Experiences of Colonization Leah May Walker 46,504.00
Distributed Learning: A New Model for Graduate Training in Public Health Patricia Janssen 106,084.00
From Passion to Skill: A Platform for Implementing a Global Health Curriculum at UBC Videsh Kapoor 87,860.00
Community Health Initiative by University Students (CHIUS) Peter Granger 84,720.00
Lights, Camera, Surgery: Production of Surgical Education Videos within the OR Setting Geoffrey K. Blair 14,850.00
Enhancing Undergraduate Medical Education by Creating Learning Opportunities and Clinical Electives in Prison Communities Ruth Elwood Martin 42,000.00
Continued Development of Online Teaching Resources in Urology (2009-2010) John ST Masterson 27,950.00
Innovative Model for Student Learning in a Community Program for People with Chronic Conditions Sue Murphy Scott Brolin 41,837.00
Medicine and Technology for the 21st Century: Integrating Radiology Within a Medical Curriculum Savvas Nicolaou 56,100.00
Enhancements to CHEM 121: Chemistry Integrated Resource Package (ChiRP): Implementation and Revision Phase Derek Gates Michael Wolf 31,600.00
Designing Real World Physics Problems for First-year Students Georg Rieger 12,238.44
A Course Workbook and Peer-led Tutorials for CHEM 202 Michael Fryzuk Jackie Stewart 19,542.00
Development of Field-based Labs for Two Large Introductory Ecology Classes Diane Srivastava 23,294.00
VP Academic/ TAG
Preparing Educators for Fostering Global Citizenship in Teaching and Learning Yael Harlap 30,759.00
VP Students
Get Learn’d Conference Janet Sinclair 30,860.00
Terry Talks – Interdisciplinary Student Jam – Ideas That Inspire Action David Ng 38,000.00
Building a Sustainable Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program Irene Yu 17,750.00