2004 / 2005

Vice President Research
Development of a Cross-campus Undergraduate Research Program at UBC Ingrid Price $50,667
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Science Awareness: Creating Science Learning Objects for First Nations Students Tim Michel $20,000
The Claude Glass Collection: Building a Digital Library of Major Works in Landscape Architecture Susan Herrington $30,000
Faculty of Applied Science
A Pilot Project to Create a Mobile, Clinical Learning Environment for Medical and Nursing Students, Using Networked Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to Support Learning in Clinical Practice Bernie Garrett $47,150
Capstone Designe Project (CDP) in Civil Engineering John Howie $25,000
Multi-media Simulations for Engineering Management Sheryl Staub-French $25,000
Implementing an Innovative Course Model for Traditional Laboratory Courses Dhanesh Kannangara $35,700
Remote Fluid Mechanics Laboratory – Part II Susan Nesbit $12,000
Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design Program Updating Jon Mikkelsen $24,936
Faculty of Arts
A Coordinated Infrastructure for Image Repositories in the Faculty of Arts Uli Rauch $100,000
Developing an Early Warning System: Proactively Supporting Student Learning Susanne Goodison $44,993
More than Plagiarism: Academic Integrity as a Transition Program Susanne Goodison $33,150
Arts Careers: Enhancing Student Support Margery Fee $60,000
Focus on Teaching: Support Program for New Faculty in Arts Nancy Gallini $8,100
Theatre and Film Production Curriculum Development at the Great Northern Way Campus Robert Gardiner $49,200
German Theatre – Analyze, Produce, Perform, Enjoy Gaby Pailer & Caroline Rieger $12,600
Spatial Analysis – Interactive and On-line Brian Klinkenberg $30,000
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Education
Infusing Technologies into Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Education Rob Tierney $100,000
Teaching Nontraditional Language Learners: Issues and Opportunities (Part 3) Patricia Duff $22,550
Faculty of Forestry
Canadian Partnership for Forest Education Sandra Schinnerl $18,850
Creation of a Learning Objectives Repository on Wood Science and Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing Iain Macdonald $10,000
Integrating Malcolm Knapp Research Forest Ecosystem Maps in Teaching and Learning in Forestry John Innes $15,394
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Professional Development for Graduate Students Lynn Alden $63,360
Health, Science, Engineering and Public Policy Kay Teschke $32,500
College of Health Disciplines
Just-in-Time Learning in the Pediatric Emergency Department Martin Pusic $41,200
Cross-cultural Communication for Health Professional Students Angela Towle $35,000
Faculty of Law
Graduate Seminar: Law & Development Ruth Buchanan $15,000
Faculty of Medicine
Research-Centered problem Based Learning Tutorials in Undergraduate Physiology Sally Osborne $5,400
Video-linked / Web CT Undergraduate Tutorial Teaching in Rehabilitation Sciences. An Innovative “East-Meets-West” Collaborative Project Elizabeth Dean $8,050
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
An Embedded Systematic Program Evaluation Process David Fielding $70,000
Developing Effective Strategies for Enhancing Higher Order Learning in Pharmaceutical Sciences Ingrid Price $38,580
Faculty of Science
Undergraduate Projects in the UBC Bioimaging Facility Elaine Humphrey $11,750
Information Technology Fundamentals for Live and Health Sciences Students Raymond Ng & Kendall Ho $40,000
Dynamic Visual Rexources for First Year Biology Carol Pollock $12,000
Development of Video Modules Illustrating Organic Chemistry Lab Techniques Dana Zendrowski $27,640
Cell Biology Image Database Lacey Samuels $31,808
eScience – Enhancing the Science Learning Community Paul Harrison $35,426
Problem Solving Workshops for Mathematics 180 Rajiv Gupta $14,000
Diversifying the Sophomore Physics Lab Experience Douglas Bonn $27,600
Chat Reference Pilot Project – Phase II Simon Neame $56,807
Continuing Studies
Professional Development for International Teaching Assistants and Graduate Researchers Mackie Chase $57,000
Alma Mater Society
AMS Tutoring Services Brooke Smith $45,099
Biotechnology Laboratory
Applied Workshops in Bioinformatics – Enabling Students Use of Bioinformatics Francis Ouellette $20,000
Equity Office
Learning Technology
Building an Integrated, Community-Based Strategy for the Creative Use of Learning Technologies Michelle Lamberson $225,000
Campus-Wide Online Environment for E-Portfolios: Deepening Community and Expanding Use (Year 2) Michelle Lamberson $150,000
Student Services
Student Leadership & Involvement Program: Initiatives & Expansion Chad Hyson $85,000
MultiMonde UBC Enzula Tavormina $33,000
Africa Awareness / Afro Fest Sarah Twomey $20,200
SpringBoard: Imagine Two – Academic Student Development Initiative Chad Trytten $11,500
Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth
Meeting the Need for Growth: Continued Expansion of Activities and Partnerships for TAG Gary Poole $468,085