2003 / 2004

First Nations Community-Building: Walking the Sciences Path with Balance Tim Michel $30,000
Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Web-based Learning Resources for Teaching Practice Competencies to Beginning Nursing Students Cathryn Jackson $20,000
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Soilweb: A Tool for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Soil Science Maja Krzic $22,060
Preparing Students for Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments Marueen Kent $15,000
Faculty of Applied Science
Problem-Based Learning Program for Civil Engineering Thomas Froese $25,000
Remote Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Susan Nesbit $20,300
Faculty of Arts
Focus on Teaching: Support Program for New Faculty in Arts Nancy Gallini $15,600
Arts Careers: Enhancing Student Support Margery Fee $67,450
Languages for Opera Students Nancy Hermiston $23,800
Kaska Multimedia Language Materials Patrick Moore $30,000
Delectable Visions – Food, Fantasy & the Body – 22nd Annual Art History and Theory Graduate Symposium Katie Spicer $5,000
International Collaborative Teaching – Migration and Settlement Daniel Hiebert $12,000
Integration of Digital Imaging into Visual Art Printmaking Practice: Student Assistants Barbara Zeigler $4,500
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Faculty of Dentistry
Electronic Education Library (EEL) Joanne Walton $25,000
Applications of Three-Dimensional Imaging and Vitural Reality in Dental Education Babak Chehroudi $25,000
Faculty of Education
Infusing Technologies into Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Education Robert Tierney $150,000
Teaching Non-traditional Language Learners: Issues and Possibilities Patricia Duff $25,000
Learning About Language & Learning About Culture: A Web-based Research and Teaching project Dr. Ken Reeder $20,000
Faculty of Forestry
Forestry Geodatabase – A Tool to Enhance Teaching and Learning in the Forestry Curriculum Stephen Sheppard $35,000
Faculty of Graduate Studies
College of Health Disciplines
Health Disciplines’ Computerized Patient and Case Simulation Project Justin Bonzo $49,381
Health Disciplines’ Learning Objects Project Charlene Walsh $40,000
Faculty of Law
The Law of Homicide on the World Wide Web Isabel Grant $23,566
Faculty of Medicine
Community Health Initiative by University Students (CHIUS) Peter Granger $59,910
Training & Trouble Shooting Medules for PBL Group Process William Godolphin $41,200
Video-linked/WebCT Undergraduate Tutorial Teaching in Rehabilitation Sciences: An Innovative “East Meets West” Collaborative Project Elizabeth Dean $13,427
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Infrastructure Development for the Implementation of the “Cases in Pharmaceutical Sciences” (CAPS) Course Stream Ingrid Price $44,238
Faculty of Science
Problem Solving Workshops for Mathematics 180 Charles Lamb $21,500
New Integrated Sciences Course on “Biological Aspects of Information” (ISCI 345) Michael Doebeli $28,000
e-Science – the Science Students’ Digital Communities Project Paul Harrison $48,352
Biology 240 Laboratory Ellen Rosenberg $50,000
Online Interactive Statistical Learning Tools Ruben Zamar $50,000
Environmental Sciences Program George Spiegelman $20,000
Cell Biology Image Repository and Bio-Imaging Microscopy Course Lacey Samuels $45,000
UBC Library Chat Reference Pilot Project Simon Neame $35,000
Continuing Studies
Academic Culture & Communication at UBC for International Teaching Assistants

Mackie Chase

Margaret Landstrom

Alma Mater Society
AMS Tutoring Service Jessica Young, AMS $43,638
Biotechnology Laboratory
BIOTEACH: A Student Run Web-based Biotechnology Information Centre David Ng $17,000
Equity Office
Student Community Conference: Breaking Barriers, Building Communities, Moving Beyond LGBQTT Tolerance in Academia and Coummunities Anne-Marie Long $20,000
Learning Technology
Best Practices in Learning Object Management & Pedagogy Brian Lamb $120,000
Campus-Wide On-line Environment for E-Portfolios: Community Building and Pilot Projects Michelle Lamberson $120,000
Building, Strengthening and Extending UBC’s Learning Technology Community of Practice Michelle Lamberson $100,000
Student Services
Student Leadership, Involvement, and Citizenship Education Initiatives Chad Hyson $55,000
First Year Experience: Service Learning Projects for Arts Students Parker Johnson $10,000
Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth
Combining Established Initiatives with New and Strengthened Partnerships Gary Poole $400,000