2002 / 2003

Trek 2000 Volunteer Leadership Project Shayne Tryon, The Learning Exchange $25,000
Enhancement of Biotechnology Related Teaching and Learning for University Undergraduate / Graduate Student and Community Based Populations Dr. David Ng $27,000
Community Partnership – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Planning for a Better UBC Fred Pritchard $23,135
e-Coop – The Second Phase of the Web-based Co-op Database Dr. Javed Iqbal $35,000
Coordinated Metadata Infrastructure for Learning Object Repositories at UBC

Faculty Alliance for Technology in Education (FATE)

Cathryn Jackson, Chair

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Training for Adoption of Innovative Learning Technology Environments: E-Learning, PBL online and More Maureen Garland $23,000
Faculty of Applied Science
Implementing MECH II – A Unified Second Year Mechanical Engineering Curriculum Dr. Nimal Rajapakse $45,500
Supporting Faculty and Student Engagement in Teaching and Learning Technology Dr. Michael Isaacson $126,762
Faculty of Arts
Graduate Coop Programs in the Faculty of Arts Julie Walchli $31,281
Exploring Cultural Diversity Through Film: The UBC South Asian Film Archives Dr. Katherine Hacker $18,876
Integrating Digital Imaging into Visual Art Printmaking Practice: Resolving Output and Initiating Web Link Barbara Zeigler $36,140
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Commerce 1st Year Program Dr. Brian Bemmels $66,900
Faculty of Dentistry
Electronic Education Library (EEL) Dr. Joanne Walton $34,000
Virtual Reality in Dentistry: Integrattion of Animation and VR Object Movies for Teaching and Learning Anatomy, Restorative Dentistry, and Endodontics Dr. Babak Chehroudi $23,484
Faculty of Education
Teaching Non-traditional Language Learners: Issues and Possibilities Patricia A. Duff $28,400
Preparing Teaching to Model & Promote Self-Regulated Learning: Extending Year I Nancy E. Perry $45,477
Learning About Language & Learning About Culture: A Web-based research project

Dr. Ling Shi

Dr. Ken Reeder

Faculty of Forestry
Forestry Student Career Centre Dr. Simon Ellis $66,980
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Supporting Professional Development in Graduate Programs Dr. Ann Rose $27,776
College of Health Disciplines
Cross-Cultural Communication for Health Professional Students Dr. Angela Towle $50,000
Health Together 2002

Dr. John Gilbert

for the Health Sciences Students’ Association

Educational Technology Centre (ETC) for the College of Health Disciplines Charlene Walsh $20,000
Faculty of Law
Law 479: Online Mediation Prof. Sharon Sutherland 34,854
Faculty of Medicine
Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) for Medical Trainee Education Dr. Kendall Ho $31,740
Just-In-Time Learning in the Pediatric Emergency Department Dr. Martin Pusic $48,242
“Ready to Go”: The Development of a Ready to use illustrated powerpoint lecture series for medical trainee education in pediatric clerkship and residency programs Dr. Joan Fraser $1,000
Using Standardized Patients for Faculty Development in Clinical Skills Dr. Sharon Salloum $23,418
Faculty of Science
Cross Reach: Resources for Teaching & Learning Joanne Nakonechny $44,308
Walking the Sciences Path with Balance Joanne Nakonechny $36,000
Bio-Imaging Microscopy Course and Cell Biology Image Repository Dr. A. Lacey Samuels $27,500
Environmental Sciences Program Dr. George Spiegelman $28,720
The Science and Practice of Sustainability: A New Transdisciplinary Field Course at UBC Dr. Kurt Grimm $40,000
2nd Year Engineering Physics Design Experience Dr. Jeff Young $18,000
Library Instruction Outreach Martha Whitehead $30,240
Undergraduate Plagiarism Curriculum Project Trish Rosseel $40,000
Continuing Studies
Building Strong Teaching Communities with International Teaching Assistants and Faculty

Mackie Chase

Margaret Landstrom

Alma Mater Society
AMS Tutoring Service Jessica Young, AMS $20,000
Student Services
Student Involvement & Leadership Initiative Janet Teasdale $50,000
Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth
Providing Support for Teaching and Learning in an Era of Technological Change Dr. Gary Poole $400,000