2000 /2001

My UBC Dr. Michael Isaacson $125,000
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Student Support for the Agora Learning Commons Dr. Maureen Garland $12,350
Tools & Approaches for Development and Implementation of Problem-Based Learning Dr. Maureen Garland $49,690
Faculty of Applied Science
Engineering Economics Dr. Francis Navin $44,000
Project Integrated Program (PIP) Dr. Michael Davies $70,000
Faculty of Arts
Foundations Program Dr. Paul Tennant $150,000
Arts Co-operative Education Program Ms. Julie Walchli $120,000
Multimedia Web-Based Teaching Material for Korean as a Foreign Language Dr. Ross King $15,000
Multimedia ArcView Research and Tutorial Help Assistant (MARTHA) Dr. Brian Klinkenberg $15,000
New Cognitive Systems Program Development: Cross-Disciplinary Interactions on the World-Wide-Web Dr. Richard Tees $42,000
Digitization of the Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies Slide Resources Dr. Carl Johnson $10,000
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Marketing@techedge Teaching Laboratory Dr. Stanley Hamilton $35,000
Women in Commerce Mentoring Program Dr. Stanley Hamilton $12,000
Faculty of Education
Democratizing Teacher Education: Sharing Governance and Promoting Interdisciplinarity Within a Community of Learners Dr. Anthony Clarke $23,750
Module to Increase the Awareness of Non-Language-Specialist Students in the UBC Teacher Education Progras to Current Provincial Second Language Policy and Teaching Methods Dr. Monique Bournot-Trites $13,708.54
Creating and Using Digital Media Tools for Learning Mathematics and Learning to Teach Mathematics Dr. Cynthia Nicol $42,210
On-Line Digital Data Documentation: An Integrated Model for Teaching Media Arts and Sciences Dr. Ricki Goldman-Segall $20,000
Faculty of Forestry
Forestry 202 – Forest Ecology Learning Enhancement Tool Dr. J. P. Kimmons $11,125
Developing “Hands-on” Labs ot Learn Concepts in Genetic Diversity Dr. Sally Aitken $22,827
Health Sciences
Informed Shared Decision Making for Health Professionals: A Model for Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Enhance Student Learning and Health Care Dr. Lesley Bainbridge $15,000
Faculty of Law
The Centre for International Indigenous Studies – Education Program Prof. June McCue $17,000
Faculty of Medicine
CHIUS: Community Health Initiative by UBC Students Dr. Naomi Glick $76,600
Using Standardized Patients to Teach Students Essential Clinical Skills Dr. Gordon Page $44,610
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in the Pharmaceutical Sciences through the Development of a World Wide Web-Based Educational Resource Dr. Simon P. Albon $35,000
Faculty of Science
Inquiry Based Laboratory Instruction in the First Year Generral Chemistry Course Dr. Sophia Nussbaum $22,800
Integrated Sciences 411: Risk Assessment Dr. John Gosline $20,000
Creating a Computer Science Option of the Coordinated Science Program Dr. Ed Levinson $15,000
Environmental Sciences Program Dr. George Spiegelman $27,439.52
Computers in Mathematics Education Dr. Denis Sjerve $20,000
Development of a Problem-Based Learning Experiential Laboratory Dr. W. D. Ramey $40,000
Roadmap to Computing – INteractive Courseware and On-Line Resources Introducing Computing Facilities at UBC Dr. Ian Cavers $30,000
Continuing Studies
Intercultural Understanding and Tools for the UBC Community Ms. Mackie Chase $50,000
Information Connections: Information Literacy, Technology, and Research Skills Ms. Martha Whitehead $50,000
Alma Mater Society
AMS Tutoring Service Mr. Harry Ho $20,000
Student Services
Leadership Program, Applied Skills and Strategies for UBC Students Ms. Benita Bunjun $10,200
First Nations House of Learning
First Nations Information Technology (IT) and Research Skills: Year 3 Dr. Jo-ann Archibald $23,000
Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth
Core Program Support Dr. Alice Cassidy $320,000