1999 / 2000

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
The Learning Lounge Project Dr. Maureen Garland $29,000
Faculty of Applied Science
Support for Increased Use of Teaching Technologies Throughout the Faculty of Applied Science Dr. Thomas Froese $49,982
Interactive Learning of Fundamental Concepts in Civil Engineering – Extension Dr. A. D. Russell $12,439
Faculty of Arts
Foundations: A Learning-Centred First Year Program Dr. Shirley Neuman $150,000
Arts Co-operative Education Dr. Shirley Neuman $150,000
The Virtual T.A. – A Web-Based Knowledge Based Help Assistant Dr. Brian Klinkenberg $25,000
The Art and Science of Visual Perception: A Laboratory on the World Wide Web Dr. James T. Enns $36,000
There’s Nothing Funny About Art History: Addressing the Critical Possibility of Humour Fine Art History Graduate Student Association, Jennifer Durrie $6,450
Qualicum Graduate Student History Conference Dr. Robert McDonald $3,020
Interactive Web-Based Phonology Problem Sets Dr. Douglas Pulleyblank $17,624
Teaching in the Field Dr. Graeme Wynn $10,000
Multimedia Materials for Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language Dr. Ross King $15,000
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Creation of Commerce Learning Lab Dr. Stanley Hamilton $47,040
Faculty of Dentistry
Enhancing Faculty Skills in Development and Implementation of New Problem Based Learning Curriculum Dr. Marcia Boyd $28,800
Faculty of Education
Democratizing Teacher Education: Sharing Governance and Promoting Interdisciplinarity Within a Community of Learners Dr. Inge Andreen $22,900
Implementation and Evaluation of Problem-Based Learning in Teacher Education Dr. Anne Anderson $24,500
Multimedia Resource for Laboratory-Based Courses in Human Kinetics Dr. David J. Sanderson $50,000
On-Line Digital Data Documentation: An Integrated Model for Teaching Media Arts and Sciences Dr. Ricki Goldman-Segall $50,000
Using Web-Based Case Studies to Enhance Clinical Reasoning Among Students in Health Professions Dr. Dan Pratt $6,100
Faculty of Forestry
Advanced Wood Processing Field Studies Dr. Thomas Maness $21,720
Developing “Hands-on” Labs ot Learn Concepts in Genetic Diversity Dr. Sally Aitken $21,327
Conservation Volunteer Program Dr. Susan Glenn $29,000
Health Sciences
Using WebCT (Course Tools) as an Adjunct to the delivery of Phase II Courses in the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry Curriculum Dr. Marc Broudo $39,700
Interacting iwth People with Dementia: An Interdisciplinary CD-ROM Learning Module Dr. Barbara Purves $45,370
Building Bridges: Understanding and Supporting Aboriginal Health Dr. John H. V. Gilbert $50,000
Faculty of Law
Evidence on the World Wide Web Dr. Christine Boyle $20,000
Faculty of Medicine
Communication Skills for Medical and Dental Students: A Student-Centred Approach to Curriculum Development Dr. Angela Towle $47,950
Development of Multimedia Interactive Learning Modules for Instruction in Communication Skills and Clinical Skills for the Physical Examinationn of Infants and Children Dr. Christine Loock $49,450
Undergraduate Rural Practice Network Project Dr. Robert Woollard $23,600
Research in Medical Education Dr. Carol-Ann Courneya $15,000
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in the Pharmaceutical Sciences through the Development of a World Wide Web-Based Educational Resource Dr. Simon P. Albon $31,000
Faculty of Science
Design and Implementation of Integrated Science Core Courses – Phase II Dr. John Gosline $49,750
Integrated Sciences Program Dr. Julyet Benbasat $50,000
First Year Coordinated Science Program (CSP): Enhanced Interdisciplinary Learning in First Year Science for Larger Groups Dr. Frances Bates $50,000
Faculty of Science Technology in Teaching Support Initiative Dr. Michelle N. Lamberson $39,995
A Co-ordinator for the Biological Sciences/Chemistry Co-op Program and a Co-ordinator for the Engineering Physics Co-op Program Dr. Javed Iqbal $50,000
A Hot-linked CD-ROM Version of the British Open University’s Self Study Package “The Flexible Learning Approach to Physics (FLAP)” – Continuation Dr. Ed Auld $10,000
3-D Interactive Chemistry Demo’s for Teaching NMR Concepts Dr. Nicholas Burlinson $14,170
First Year Science HyperTextBook Dr. Julyet Benbasat $27,000
Computers in Mathematics Education Dr. Denis Sjerve $30,000
Roadmap to computing – Interactive Courseware and On-Line Resources Introducing Computing Facilities at UBC Dr. Ian Cavers $47,104
Continuing Studies
Intercultural Understanding and Tools for the UBC Community Dr. Katherine Beaumont $50,000
Information Connections: Information Literacy, Technology, and Research Skills Martha Whitehead $50,000
Alma Mater Society
AMS Tutoring Service Paschal Odoch $42,620
First Nations House of Learning
First Nations Information Technology (IT) and Research Skills: Year 2 Ann Doyle $25,328
Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth
Core Program Support Dr. B. Gail Riddell $300,000