Providing UBC Students with Curriculum to Support Their Skills in Delivery of Virtual Lifestyle Counseling for Prevention of Chronic Disease

TitleProviding UBC Students with Curriculum to Support Their Skills in Delivery of Virtual Lifestyle Counseling for Prevention of Chronic Disease
Duration3 Years
Project Summary

COVID-19 led to public health mandated physical distancing which has exacerbated rates of healthy lifestyle-mediated preventable chronic diseases (CD) and reduced learning opportunities for students. COVID-19 also highlighted the absence of lifestyle counselling in undergraduate medical school and health professions curricula and the need to co-create an Indigenous-focused curriculum. In response, we adapted our HealtheStepsTM (HeS) program from in-person to virtual training and delivery. HeS pairs adults across BC looking to improve their lifestyle, with a trained student coach. We launched a pilot in fall 2020, training of medical and kinesiology students as coaches and had family physicians (FP) refer their at-risk patients. Currently, over 30 students have been trained to deliver HeS to almost 200 patients. Now, we propose expansion across allied health professions and to develop/integrate Indigenous-focused curriculum as informed by our network of academic and Indigenous community partners, learners, and program participants.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2022/2023
Year 1: Project TypeLarge TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorRobert J. Petrella
Year 1: Funded Amount118,580
Year 1: Team Members

Robert J. Petrella, Head / Professor, Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine
Robert Boushel, Director, Kinesiology, Faculty of Education
Darren Warburton, Professor, Kinesiology, Faculty of Education
Sue Murphy, Head / Associate Professor of Teaching, Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine
Tamara Cohen, Director / Assistant Professor, Dietetics, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Sheila Marshall, Professor / Chair, BSW Program, Social Work, Faculty of Arts
Noah Silverberg, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Faculty of Arts
Cecilia Jevitt, Associate Professor / Director, Midwifery, Faculty of Medicine
Dawn Gill, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Centre for Studies in Family Medicine, Western University
Melissa Majoni, Research Manager, Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine
Wendy Blunt, PhD Student, Health Promotion, Western University
Adam Gavarkovs, PhD Student, Health Professionals Education Research, University of Toronto
Arielle Roberts, Family Medicine Resident, Faculty of Medicine
Sanya Ranchal, Family Medicine Resident, Faculty of Medicine
Jasmine Gill, Master's Student, Kinesiology, Faculty of Education
Faraz Damji, 2nd year Undergraduate Medical Student
Zara Hirji, 3rd year Undergraduate Kinesiology Student
Paul Aspinall, Research Assistant, Family Practice
Emily Guest, Research Assistant, Family Practice