The Development of an Online Teaching Module for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice

TitleThe Development of an Online Teaching Module for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice
Faculty/College/UnitUBC Health
Duration1 Year
Project Summary

Evidence-Based Clinical Practice (EBCP) is a process of turning clinical problems into solutions through the location, appraisal, and application of methodologically sound research. Recently, there has been increasing efforts to promote EBCP, as clinician educators from several faculties recognize the increasing volume of clinical information. Most students get some experience in EBCP, but often there is a disconnection between information taught in lectures and performance in clinical situations. This project plans to develop a modular, online EBCP program to support learning for students from different faculties within the College of Health Disciplines. Initially, Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences will be piloted, with potential for expansion to other disciplines in the second year. During their paediatric rotations, students will have access to a multimedia, online, self-administered tutorial, which will provide a template for students to develop independent learning skills. Built on previous student teaching, the tutorial will have nine modules, which will provide a stepwise progression into the processes of EBCP. Ultimately, students will be able to formulate their own answerable clinical questions, locate appropriate sources of evidence, appraise the evidence, and apply it to unique clinical situations, answering their clinical question. This project allows for a standardized curriculum across provincial teaching sites as well as for students undertaking international placements .

Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2005/2006
Year 1: Project TypeSmall TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorCarey Matsuba
Year 1: Funded Amount13,332
Year 1: Team Members

Carey Matsuba, Paediatrics, College of Health Disciplines
Lori Roxborough, Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Medicine
Martin Pusic, Faculty of Medicine
Maureen O'Donnell, Faculty of Medicine
Joan Fraser, Faculty of Medicine