Failing, Failed and Fragile States Conference

TitleFailing, Failed and Fragile States Conference
Duration1 Year
Project Summary

The three-day student conference will focus on the following issues and case studies, as they apply to failed and fragile states:

Issue Areas:

  • Balance of Justice and Peace;
  • Actors and Methods of Intervention;
  • Democratization and the Role of Governments;
  • Gender;
  • Natural Resources and the Private Sector;
  • Environmental Degradation.

Case Studies:

  • Afghanistan;
  • Sudan;
  • Haiti;
  • Bosnia.

Committee sessions will be chaired by high-level experts from governmental, academic and non-governmental actors, and co-chaired by most qualified and well-prepared students. Conference delegates will come primarily from UBC (including UBC Okanagan), with a select group of students joining from other Canadian universities. Major findings and recommendations resulting from discussions will be summarized in a final report, which will be sent to relevant Canadian governmental agencies. These include the departments of National Defence and Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and the Canadian International Development Agency.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2007/2008
Year 1: Project TypeSmall TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorBrian Job
Year 1: Funded Amount4,050
Year 1: Team Members

Brian Job, Director, Centre for International Relations Program, Faculty of Arts
Amir Musin, Vice-President, External, International Relations Students Association