Web-based Curriculum Resources for UBC First Nations Languages Courses

TitleWeb-based Curriculum Resources for UBC First Nations Languages Courses
Duration1 Year
Project Summary

The First Nations Languages Program (FNLG) proposes the development of a central web prject comprising four distinct modules containing curricular resources on BC Indigenous languages: Musqueam Salish, Kwakwala, Mowachat/Muchalaht (Nuuchahnulth), and Tahltan. Along with teaching/learning materials already developed, these modules will house new linguistic and cultural content (such as video and audio files, photographs and historic documents) that will allow students to engage with the larger cultural and historical contexts of each community. A key component is the creation of interactive multi-media maps to navigate Indigenous place names and other cultural sites throughout the landscape. These modules will be developed in consultation with First Nations language teachers, FNLG students, and the Indigenous communities with which the FNLG has established respectful and formal research protocols. The project’s presence on the program website will provide greater accessibility to the larger community of UBC faculty and students, to other post-secondary institutions, and to widely dispersed First Nations communities.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2010/2011
Year 1: Project TypeSmall TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorPatricia Shaw
Year 1: Funded Amount53,388
Year 1: Team Members

Patricia A. Shaw, First Nations Languages Program, Faculty of Arts
Larry Grant, Musqueam Elder, UBC Elder in Residence / Adjunct Professor, MIB-UBC FNLG Program
Robert Joseph, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Advisor / Indian Residential School Survivor Society / Adjunct Professor, UBC FNLG Kwakwala Program
Paige Raibmon, Associate Professor, History / PI SSHRC Project “Reclaiming the Past for the Future” (Mowachat / Muchalaht Nuuchahnulth)
Susan Roy, Assistant Professor, FNSP / Co-investigator, Hampton Project: “Mining Indigenous Territory: Tahltan Language History, and Community Activism” / Research Consultant, Musqueam Indian Band
Andrea Sanborn, Director, U’mista Cultural Centre / Student, Alert Bay and FNLG (Kwakwala)
Jill Campbell, Coordinator, Language and Culture, Musqueam Indian Band / Adjunct Professor, MIB-UBC FNLG Program
Tanya Bob, Advisor, First Nations Studies Program / Community Member, Tahltan
Kendall Moraski, Undergraduate Academic Assistant, FNLG / Student, FNLG (Musqueam, Kwakwala, Cree) / Research Assistant, MOA RRN (Mowachat /Nuuchahnulth, Kwakwala)