ARTS Learning Plan Online Platform

TitleARTS Learning Plan Online Platform
Duration1 Year
Project Summary

Keeling & Associates identified UBC as a place of institutional complexity, academic complexity, and a fragmented student experience. Students are offered diverse, outstanding experiences at UBC, but many don’t find out about them or undervalue their significance in their learning experience throughout their degree.

The Faculty of Arts has piloted an online learning plan ( that provides Arts undergraduate students with a framework for many resources and educationally enriching opportunities offered to help them develop an intentional plan for their UBC experience, and to engage in the activities highlighted in Place and Promise. More than an individualized learning plan, this holistic approach to learning across campus is a platform by which students can discuss their learning with peers, faculty, and staff.

The online plan is a good beginning, but necessary improvements are needed: design improvements for increased usability and functionality; integration with UBC systems for seamless referral and connection to program and resource providers; technological applications to better connect to students’ own platforms; development of back-end functionality for improved reporting, communication, and staff interaction; and finally content and applications for reflective learning.

Funding Details
Year 1: Project YearYear 1
Year 1: Funding Year2011/2012
Year 1: Project TypeSmall TLEF
Year 1: Principal InvestigatorTracey Rollins
Year 1: Funded Amount46,100
Year 1: Team Members

Tracy Rollins, Student Development Officer, Faculty of Arts
Kathryn Curran, Communications Manager, Centre for Arts Student Services
Allen Sens, Acting Assistant Dean, Faculty of Arts / Centre for Arts Student Services
Cindy Underhill, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Janet Sinclair Walker, Student Development Officer, Faculty of Science
Mark Johnston, Associate Director, Records and Registration
Carol Naylor, Manager, Career Education
Irene Chan, Career Development Coordinator
Karly Pinch, Arts Internship Coordinator
Oliver Gruter-Andrew, Chief Information Officer
Cheryl Dumaresq, Manager, Arts Academic Advising
Susanne Goodison, Associate Director, Arts Academic Advising
Margot Sell, Associate Director, Student Development
Katie Fedosenko, Arts Peer Mentor / Student, Faculty of Arts
Michael Yang, Arts Peer Mentor / Student, Faculty of Arts