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 Funding Year Faculty/College/Unit Project Type Principal Investigator Title Project Year Funded Amount Status Report Year 2: Funding Year Year 2: Project Type Year 2: Principal Investigator Year 2: Project Year Year 2: Funded Amount Year 3: Funding Year Year 3: Project Type Year 3: Principal Investigator Year 3: Project Year Year 3: Funded Amount
2016/2017Applied ScienceLarge TLEFSidney FelsFrom passively watching to actively learning: ViDeX, a robust video player that supports learning from personalized videoYear 1123978Active2017/2018Large TLEFSidney FelsYear 2110010
2016/2017Applied ScienceSmall TLEFSusan NesbitFlipping Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship in EngineeringYear 124955Active
2016/2017Applied ScienceSmall TLEFCynthia GirlingThe Design Charrette: Engaging interdisciplinary student groups in solving real-world problemsYear 135067Active
2016/2017Applied ScienceSmall TLEFCynthia GirlingThe Design Charrette: Engaging interdisciplinary student groups in solving real-world problemsYear 135067Active
2016/2017Applied ScienceLarge TLEFMaura MacPheeThe School of Nursing hybrid model of undergraduate curriculum delivery: a seamless approach for preparing our future nursesYear 195964Completed
2015/2016Applied ScienceLarge TLEFPeter OstafichukRedesign of First Year EngineeringYear 1138735Active2016/2017Large TLEFPeter OstafichukYear 2110665
2015/2016ArtsLarge TLEFJanet GiltrowEducational and Career Outcomes for UBC Arts Students: Towards a New ParadigmYear 160611Active2016/2017Large TLEFSunaina AssanandYear 2615182017/2018Large TLEFSunaina AssanandYear 380000
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFChristopher LeeAsian Canadian Multimedia Production: Developing Curriculum Materials for Ethical Practices of Community EngagementYear 124450Active2017/2018Small TLEFChristopher LeeYear 222409
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFSilvia BartolicQuantitative Arts: Scientists by Nurture – Evaluating ImpactYear 126492Active2017/2018Small TLEFSilvia BartolicYear 218523
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFTara MayerVisual Literacy in the Blended Classroom: A New Tool for Collaborative LearningYear 15211Active2017/2018Small TLEFTara MayerYear 23781
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFDaniel JusticeDeveloping a UBC-Aboriginal Timeline with Musqueam content – Time and Place at UBC: Our Histories and RelationsYear 149827Active
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFAllen SensDeveloping Teaching and Learning Videos for addressing challenging classroom situationsYear 149314Active
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFHeidi EvansHistory Lab: Creating a Digital and Collaborative Approach to Teaching and ResearchYear 119525Active
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFChristina HendricksSustainability Case Studies: A Model for Interdisciplinary Learning and Showcasing of Student WorkYear 114954Active
2016/2017ArtsSmall TLEFKatherine PowerWriting in the Faculty of Arts: Understanding student learning and knowledge transfer in Arts Studies in Research and Writing (ASRW)Year 17975Active
2015/2016ArtsSmall TLEFRobert MillerBlended Learning: Redesigning 1st and 2nd year language courses for French and SpanishYear 125903Active2016/2017Small TLEFRobert MillerYear 219025
2015/2016ArtsSmall TLEFMichael GriffinCultivating citizenship skills through teaching and learning in the humanitiesYear 15670Active2016/2017Small TLEFMichael GriffinYear 29038
2014/2015ArtsSmall TLEFSiobhán McPheeHuman and Environmental Geography Experiential Learning InitiativeYear 129200Active2015/2016Small TLEFSiobhán McPheeYear 2162002016/2017Small TLEFSiobhán McPheeYear 34176
2015/2016ArtsSmall TLEFChristine D'OnofrioIntroduction to Digital Arts into the Digital Realm - Online Peer CritiqueYear 129190Completed2016-Donofrio-Final-WEB1.pdf2016/2017Small TLEFChristine D'OnofrioYear 214049
2015/2016ArtsSmall TLEFBozena KarwowskaTransformation of CENS 303A ("Representations of the Holocaust") into an online courseYear 139497Active2016/2017Small TLEFBozena KarwowskaYear 210503
2015/2016ArtsSmall TLEFElizabeth DunnTransforming Large Lectures Through Small Group Active Learning SessionsYear 18495Completed2016-Dunn-Final-WEB.pdf2016/2017Small TLEFElizabeth DunnYear 216230
2014/2015ArtsLarge TLEFSusan RowleyEngage UBCYear 1105788Active2015/2016Large TLEFSusan RowleyYear 2656032016/2017Large TLEFSusan RowleyYear 341957
2014/2015ArtsLarge TLEFGwynaeth McIntyreGreek Epigraphic Squeezes: Developing a Digital EnvironmentYear 112330Active2015/2016Large TLEFGwynaeth McIntyreYear 2150002016/2017Large TLEFKevin FisherYear 328875
2014/2015DentistrySmall TLEFHsingChi von BergmannEnhancing Dental Student Learning Through an Interactive, Online, Competency-Based Progress Test SystemYear 140200Active2015/2016Small TLEFHsingChi von BergmannYear 2440322016/2017Small TLEFHsingChi von BergmannYear 343170
2016/2017EducationSmall TLEFMarina Milner-BolotinMaking a big difference with very little: Creating a community resource for hands-on math and science activities on a "shoestring budget"Year 147004Active
2015/2016EducationSmall TLEFSusan GerofskyDeveloping interactive and print resources for sustainability educators in innovative outdoor classroom pedagogiesYear 116750Active2016/2017Small TLEFSusan GerofskyYear 216750
2016/2017EducationLarge TLEFNatasha BoskicEnhancing Teacher Candidates’ Digital CompetenciesYear 184315Active
2015/2016ForestryLarge TLEFJanette BulkanField forestry instructional assistance through mobile learningYear 155540Active2016/2017Large TLEFJanette BulkanYear 238536
2016/2017Land & Food SystemsSmall TLEFHannah WittmanExpanding the Living Laboratory: Enhancing experiential learning in sustainability using UBC food system assetsYear 140357Active2017/2018Small TLEFHannah WittmanYear 29318
2016/2017Land & Food SystemsSmall TLEFChristine ScamanThe new era of FNH teaching lab - Transforming lengthy lab procedure write-ups into informative online instructive video clipsYear 122000Active2017/2018Small TLEFChristine ScamanYear 220320
2016/2017Land & Food SystemsSmall TLEFMaja KrzicDigging In: An Educational Tool Promoting Science Citizenship for the Introduction to Soil Science CourseYear 148014Active
2015/2016Land & Food SystemsSmall TLEFKarol TravissNew approaches to Dietetics Major clinical courses: incorporation of innovative and effective pedagogies to enhance teaching and learning in a health professional training programYear 131642Completed2016-Final-Traviss-WEB.pdf2016/2017Small TLEFKarol TravissYear 218291
2014/2015Land & Food SystemsLarge TLEFAndrew RisemanScaffolding and Scaling up Integrated Experiential Learning Experiences in the Core Series, Land and Food SystemsYear 1100000Active2015/2016Large TLEFAndrew RisemanYear 2890002016/2017Large TLEFAndrew RisemanYear 361000
2015/2016Land & Food SystemsLarge TLEFCandice RideoutFood, Nutrition and Health (FNH) Nutrition Curriculum Renewal: Engaging Flexible Learning Strategies to Achieve and Assess Graduate AttributesYear 110000Active
2015/2016MedicineLarge TLEFSaraswathi VedamBirth Place Toolkit for the Health Professions: Dialogue and Shared DecisionsYear 174284Active2016/2017Large TLEFSaraswathi VedamYear 2692802017/2018Large TLEFSaraswathi VedamYear 370252
2016/2017MedicineSmall TLEFAmanda BradleyImproving professional writing reflection critical analysis and feedback skills using tools that allow students to learn from their peers’ work and allows for prompt peer feedback.Year 19836Active2017/2018Small TLEFAmanda BradleyYear 212800
2016/2017MedicineSmall TLEFAlison GreigImproving the Assessment of Evidence Informed Health Care Competence: A Five Step ApproachYear 121540Active2017/2018Small TLEFAlison GreigYear 217500
2016/2017MedicineSmall TLEFDawn CooperMedical Undergraduate Research Forum: Promoting Scholarship Development in Medical Students through Experiential LearningYear 16880Active
2016/2017MedicineSmall TLEFKathryn DarrasRadiology App for Undergraduate StudentsYear 136319Active
2016/2017MedicineSmall TLEFChristie NewtonUBC Health Integrated Interprofessional Clinical Placement Curriculum Model (i-IPCPC) for Health and Human Service ProfessionsYear 138274Active
2016/2017MedicineSmall TLEFCharlotte JonesWalk 'n Talk for Your Life: An online eLearning module course providing interprofessional groups of students the capacity to plan and implement a community-based health intervention for older adultsYear 125600Active
2013/2014MedicineSmall TLEFParis-Ann Gfeller-IngledewThe Development of Online Oncology Modules, an Oncology App and Virtual Patients to Support Interdisciplinary Oncology EducationYear 18792Active2014/2015Small TLEFParis-Ann Gfeller-IngledewYear 265072016/2017Small TLEFParis-Ann Gfeller-IngledewYear 37704
2014/2015MedicineLarge TLEFAlison GreigWest Coast Interprofessional Clinical Knowledge Evidence Disseminator (WICKED)Year 155080Active2015/2016Large TLEFAlison GreigYear 2295002016/2017Large TLEFAlison GreigYear 333656
2016/2017Pharmaceutical SciencesLarge TLEFGeorge Stefanov PachevDeveloping the formative assessment program of the new entry-to-practice PharmD curriculumYear 177652Active2017/2018Large TLEFGeorge Stefanov PachevYear 275652
2014/2015Sauder School of BusinessSmall TLEFJohn RiesInspiring entrepreneurship in the classroom using a prediction market approachYear 122900Completed2016-Ries-Final-WEB.pdf2016/2017Small TLEFJohn RiesYear 28500
2016/2017ScienceLarge TLEFPamela KalasBlended learning to enhance an undergraduate Biology laboratory courseYear 197922Active2017/2018Large TLEFPamela KalasYear 294577
2016/2017ScienceLarge TLEFSara HarrisDevelopment of cost effective strategies for teaching, learning and assessing scientific reasoning abilities in large face-to-face and distance education general science coursesYear 1111786Active2017/2018Large TLEFSara HarrisYear 265202
2016/2017ScienceSmall TLEFGeorg RiegerAnimated worked examples to support self-directed learning in Physics 100Year 114232Active2017/2018Small TLEFGeorg RiegerYear 214184
2016/2017ScienceSmall TLEFGangamma ChowriraStop-motion Animations as Learning Objects for Flexible Learning in Biology and Psychology Courses: Completion and EvaluationYear 121834Active2017/2018Small TLEFGangamma ChowriraYear 216600
2015/2016ScienceSmall TLEFDoug BonnStructured Quantitative Inquiry Labs: Developing Critical Thinking in First Year Physics LabsYear 125700Active2016/2017Small TLEFDoug BonnYear 2165002017/2018Small TLEFDoug BonnYear 37750
2016/2017ScienceSmall TLEFSantokh SinghBuilding Biodiversity: A Campus Resource for Teaching, Learning and DoingYear 129854Active
2016/2017ScienceSmall TLEFJackie StewartCommunicating Across the Curriculum in UBC ScienceYear 149870Active
2016/2017ScienceSmall TLEFKayli JohnsonDevelopment of an electronic Chemistry Integrated Resource Package for CHEM 123Year 139116Active
2016/2017ScienceSmall TLEFMeghan AllenEvaluating a new, reduced-face-time, first-year computer science class for non-majorsYear 126731Active
2016/2017ScienceSmall TLEFNoureddine ElouaziziNatural Language Processing-informed learning analytics for tracking and measuring aspects of argumentationYear 149984Active
2016/2017ScienceSmall TLEFShervin MortazaviProject M.I.L.E - Microbiology & Immunology Laboratory Experience: A Comprehensive Web-Based Resource for Microbiology LaboratoriesYear 19089Active
2015/2016ScienceSmall TLEFJose Rodriguez NunezIntegrating Analytical and Physical Chemistry: A Modern Approach to Chemical AnalysisYear 116107Completed2016-Nunez-Final-WEB.pdf2016/2017Small TLEFJose Rodriguez NunezYear 216271
2015/2016ScienceLarge TLEFNancy HeckmanIntroductory StatisticsYear 1140459Active2016/2017Large TLEFNancy HeckmanYear 2106694
2015/2016ScienceLarge TLEFSimon BatesMOOC consumption: enhanced learning on campus using course material developed elsewhereYear 145566Active2016/2017Large TLEFSimon BatesYear 215564
2016/2017UBC LibrarySmall TLEFAleha McCauleySecondary Market Research Tutorial - Getting To Know Your IndustryYear 149625Active
2016/2017VP AcademicSmall TLEFSandra Zappa-HollmanCultivating success for English as an Additional Language Students: a Library Flexible Learning PartnershipYear 129059Completed2016-Zappa-Hollman-Final-WEB.pdf
2015/2016VP StudentsSmall TLEFMichael LeeIdentifying the influence of teaching practices on undergraduate students' mental health and wellbeing in the Faculties of Arts and ScienceYear 126988Active2016/2017Small TLEFMichael LeeYear 223012
 Funding Year Faculty/College/Unit Project Type Principal Investigator Title Project Year Funded Amount Status Report Year 2: Funding Year Year 2: Project Type Year 2: Principal Investigator Year 2: Project Year Year 2: Funded Amount Year 3: Funding Year Year 3: Project Type Year 3: Principal Investigator Year 3: Project Year Year 3: Funded Amount